The Best Calorie-Burning Sex Moves

happy couple in bed
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Get in shape without ever leaving your bed. (Now that’s what we call a workout!)

You've probably heard people joke about sex being a good workout and all, but figured it only applies to couples with, let's just say, a lot of imagination (and stamina). But the truth is, sex can be a great workout -- for everyone. Try these moves to better your body (and your sex life).

Foreplay Fitness This one's easy: While you're kissing, vigorously massage your partner's head, back of the neck and shoulders. Giving a massage burns approximately 80 calories an hour -- not to mention it makes your significant other pretty damn happy. Win-win!

Interval Training Trainers are constantly praising the benefits of interval training workouts. Apparently, adding different exercises and intensities (walk, jog, run, sprint) to your workout can double your calorie burn. So mix it up -- alternate positions and work up a sweat, and you can burn as many as 385 calories an hour. Plus, the sex will be hotter (and so will your bod).

Missionary Magic Turns out, this old standby gives a two-way workout: It tones the core (of the person on the bottom) and the upper body (for the one on top). Here's how:

Ladies, as your man thrusts toward you, lift your hips slightly, contract your core and meet his action with an equal thrust. You can also rotate your hips in a circular fashion to engage more of your core muscles (and get more pleasure!). After a few minutes, your abs will feel like you just did 100 sit-ups. Also, doing Kegels as he thrusts will work your core even harder. (Get more tips on how to do Kegels.)

Guys: Prop yourself up on your hands, and instead of locking your elbows, try bending them slightly. Holding that position as you move your lower body (get it?) will leave your chest, shoulders and triceps burning.

Standing Sexercise Essentially, the guy stands and holds his partner up (and she wraps her legs around him), so his entire body is working to stabilize the both of you. With all those muscles working, his heart rate will increase, so he'll burn more fat and calories. Ladies, on the other hand, get a killer inner-thigh workout.

Cowgirl Calisthenics Girls, instead of your basic cowgirl (where you kneel over him), make it a bit more interesting (and a much better workout) by coming up onto your feet as if you're doing a deep squat while you're on top. You'll work your butt, hips and thighs, and your increased heart rate will help burn more fat and calories -- up to 200 in 30 minutes.

Nestperts: Stacy Berman, fitness expert, creator of the StacysBootcamp app for the iPhone and iPad, and founder and head trainer of Stacy's Bootcamp (; Dr. Gilda Carle (, relationship expert and psychotherapist; Jaiya, sex expert, author of Red Hot Touch and creator of