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The Best Cars for Every Type of Couple

couples and different type of car options
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Whether you live for weekend getaways or keep it close to home, these are the wheels best suited to your lifestyle—and your love for each other.

For better or for worse, what you drive says something about you and how you live your life. Zip around in a white-hot convertible, and you're a free-spirited couple just out to have pure, unadulterated fun. Pull up in a minivan, and you and your partner might as well have “parent" tattooed on your foreheads. When most couples buy a car, they do so with the idea that it becomes an extension of themselves and a reflection of their values and lifestyle. It's a uniquely personal decision, based on things like budget, daily driving habits and whether or not kids have entered the picture. We've taken all of those factors into account and come up with the features tailored to every type of couple—fun-loving, kid-toting or otherwise—and the car models to match. Search for them on Autotrader to find the car that best suits you.

The Couple With a Thirst for the Great Outdoors

You love camping, kayaking and any reason to lace up those trusty ol' hiking boots. You two might live in the city, but often fantasize about picking up and moving to a small cabin on a lake or in the woods. You probably have a dog—or are waiting for your partner to agree on getting one.

The features you want: All-wheel drive to take on bumpy back roads; a trailer hitch; tons of storage space for your camping gear and room to tote along your bikes, skis, kayaks, ATVs and anything else your sporty selves desire.

Your perfect match: A midsize multipurpose pickup, like the Honda Ridgeline, is pretty much made for adventuring. It's got a ton of storage space (think: a full-size trunk underneath the standard truck bed, and a flip-up backseat for items you don't want to leave in the bed), a dual-action tailgate—and there's even a tent attachment and optional cargo racks.

The Couple Who Dares to Be Different

If everybody else is doing it, you sure as hell are not. You've had a rebellious streak for as long as you can remember, and you admire the same in your partner, whom you probably met someplace like Burning Man. You two are true originals, and you like your wheels the same.

The features you want: A silhouette (and a color) that'll turn heads wherever you go, a premium sound system, and a turbocharged engine built for revving.

Your perfect match: The Kia Soul Plus is an unusually-shaped compact wagon that comes in a range of flashy colors. It's also roomy, stylish and powerful—and comes with an option for a Harman Kardon sound system to ensure your favorite tunes are on point.

The Couple With a Passion for Helping Others

You've never met a social cause you couldn't find time to throw your weight behind. You and your partner regularly volunteer for a host of nonprofits and donate to charities when you can. And though you try to bike as often as possible, you still need a vehicle for those longer excursions.

The features you want: A hybrid or electric vehicle that's environmentally-friendly, and has plenty of cargo space for hauling donations, your weekly farmers market produce and thrift store finds.

Your perfect match: With a driving range of 238 miles on a single charge, the Chevrolet Bolt EV outlasts similarly-priced competitors. That means more time doing good and less time at your garage's electrical outlet. Plus, the cross-body frame makes it roomier than most subcompacts and the hatchback offers an impressive amount of storage space, including a secret cargo area.

The Couple Who Enjoys the Finer Things

You work hard for your money—why shouldn't you splurge now and then? Though you eschew obvious status symbols (best to leave those to your Baby Boomer parents), you do have a deep appreciation for sophisticated cuisine, art and theater, and will venture far and wide to experience the latest and greatest.

The features you want: Luxury, inside and out: heated leather seats, multi-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof, turbocharged engine, high-end sound system, and a customizable infotainment system to keep you ahead of the curve.

Your perfect match: An understated high-performance sedan like the Audi A5 Sportback will have you traveling in style. With a design inspired by the athleticism of a coupe, it has a hipper, sleeker vibe than its larger luxury cousins without sacrificing legroom, and thanks to a rear hatch, has plenty of cargo space too. Leather seating comes standard, the Bang & Olufsen 3-D sound system is top-of-the-line, and there's a 7-plus inch display to control virtually everything within the car.

The Couple With Babies on the Brain

For you, driving is less about form and all about function. You're sensible, levelheaded and like to plan ahead, making you the go-to couple for friends in a pinch: from helping with a move to last-minute babysitting duty. But you're looking forward to expanding your own family—stat.

The features you want: A compact, fuel-efficient car with plenty of storage space (including split seats and rooftop racks for bigger hauls), and touch-screen technology to keep you connected.

Your perfect match: The Volkswagen Golf SportWagen is affordable, practical and stylish. (It's definitely not your mother's station wagon.) Not to mention, it has all-wheel drive to handle any road conditions, and can easily fit a car seat in the backseat and a stroller in the rear—when the time comes, that is.

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