15 Best Nestie Bedrooms

Get inspired by these chic and stylish Nestie bedrooms!
  1. Light Blue Boudoir

    Meghan and Dan's eco-friendly bedroom is a soothing retreat with organic cotton bedding that is soft to sleep on and washes easily.

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  2. Crisp and Clean

    This bedroom's white linens and the red throw pillow pop against the dark wood and steel-gray walls, making it fresh, bright, and supremely sleep-inducing.

    Photo submitted by brynalexandra

    Make your bedroom feel like a four-star hotel room!
  3. Dream Scheme

    Dreaming is required in this luxuriously shabby chic bedroom by hollyluv. We love the contrast of the bright whites against the dark wood of the bed frame.

    Photo submitted by HollyLuv

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  4. Understated Mod

    Clean and modern describes this sleek boudoir.  We love the mix of textures and colors in the linens, like the browns and khakis with a contrasting paisley pattern on the pillows. Super chic and stylish!

    Photo submitted by JHawks482

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  5. Global Chic

    We'd describe this bedroom design as "global chic."  With a mix of colors, textures, and unique furnishings, this room is a perfect spot for reading and daydreaming about the next big vacation.

    Photo submitted by jtstitzer

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  6. Vintage Vibe

    This wrought-iron bed, homespun vine sheets and little foot-bench have an old-school feel that makes diving under the covers totally cozy. 

    Photo submitted by KayleneLanae

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  7. Luxe Leather

    The leather bed frame gives this room a rich, clubby feel. We love the symmetry of the side tables and lamps -- the perfect companions for some late-night reading.

    Photo submitted by lwolcott

    Give your bedroom a sexy vibe.
  8. Ocean Retreat

    Who said you need to leave home to go on vacation? The soothing blues and beach prints really set the island scene...now where's that room service menu!

    Photo submitted by MamaBear7

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  9. New York Nest

    The Brooklyn Bridge painting above the bed is a cool nod to this Nestie's hometown. The pairing of shiny blues and browns is ideal for a unisex space.

    Photo submitted by miamicubajam

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  10. Orange Pop

    This bedroom is on trend with daring yet tranquil mix of lights and brights: baby blues, whites, oranges, greens, and yellows. The artwork -- arranged in threes above the bed  -- ties all of the colors together. Who doesn't love butterflies?

    Photo submitted by mrspaz

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  11. Botanical Cool

    We love the mix of botanical prints in the linens and artwork with rich, dark wood. The overall effect celebrates comfort and nature -- very eco chic!

    Photo submitted by shortycake

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  12. Earthy Oasis

    The earth tones  -- greens, browns, and creams -- bring a sense of calm that's ideal for taking a long snooze. On the flip side, the clock over the bed makes for a great focal point and an even better reminder that you're late for work!

    Photo submitted by bmf8140

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  13. Green Scene

    We love the green jewel tones in this edited Morrocan-inspired boudoir. The richness of the linens and accessories highlight the cool wooden sleigh bed.

    Photo submitted by booneybear

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  14. French Twist

    Chilling in this room feels like a night in a French country estate. The colors and furnishings remind us of sun-soaked Provence.

    Photo submitted by Hawaiibride04

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  15. Venetian Style

    This Nestie and her husband honeymooned in Venice -- and they still wake up inspired by their travels. The furniture and linens are reminscient of a medieval bed chamber in a faraway Venetian villa.

    Photo submitted by Jamiek32

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