Cookbook Crave: 3 Festive Fall Desserts

blackberry jam cake recipe
Sweet dessert recipes, from blackberry jam cake to pumpkin apple pie.

As much as we hate to admit it, we're just a little overwhelmed with all of the caramel apples and pumpkin spice recipes popping up on our Pinterest feed. (Honestly, who has the time to bake all of this stuff?). Luckily, these three fall desserts from the new Blue Chair Cooks cookbook are just what we needed (including a pumpkin-apple pie hybrid you have to see). Put a little sprin -- er, fall in your step with these unexpected cold-weather treats:

apple pumpkin pie recipe

Apple-Pumpkin Pie

An unexpected twist on two classic pies make for the ultimate fall dessert. Try it tonight with an extra scoop of vanilla on top.


blackberry jam cake recipe

Allspice-Blackberry Jam Cake

Sure, fresh berries and whipped cream sound like summer -- but allspice turns this dessert into the ultimate fall treat.


apple elderberry charlotte recipe

Apple-Elderberry Charlotte

Never heard of a baked charlotte? It's essentially an warm dessert make of cooked fruit encased in buttered bread. (And trust us, it tastes just as good as it sounds.)


Blue Chair Cooks with Jam and Marmalade cookbook

Want more? Pick up the Blue Chair Cooks with Jam and Marmalade cookbook here.

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