Cheap Date Ideas

couple skating
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Have a blast this weekend without breaking the bank.

Have a Frat Party
Miss the wild abandon of your college days? Have the gang over for beers and a movie – but save the make out session for later. Rent a fun party flick like Old School – just don't too inspired by the streaking scene.

Watch the Sun Rise
You've probably watched the sun set many, many times, but when was the last time the two of you caught the sunrise? Check the time online at, grab a blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa, and enjoy the calmness of the morning hours together.

Take a Bath
Hot tubs are overrated! There's fun to be had in your very own bathroom. Rub-a-dub-dub, keep it sexy in the tub with bath salts, soaps, and a back-massaging loofah.'

Marathon Training
Break out of your normal dinner-and-being-couch-potatoes date routine and start training together. We recommend the Rocky Theme Song (aka “Gonna Fly Now") to get you two inspired. Bonus: the endorphin rush is also a turn-on.

The faux-peril of putting underneath the churning windmill blades makes this way more fun than real golf (all it has is sand traps!), in our opinion.

Create a VIP Club
Who needs a bar to dance? Load your iPod with sexy tunes, from Kanye to Rihanna, and hook it up to the speakers in your pad. Bonus points for hanging a disco ball (find these cheap at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or your local party store) to get a club-like vibe.

Photo Session
Head outside to enjoy the warm spring air and take some pics. Who cares how silly you two can get? You're only young and in love once!

Strip Poker
Challenge your mate to two-person strip poker. It's guaranteed to be hotter than the group version since you'll be stripped down in no time. Add a twist: Whoever keeps their clothes on the longest gets to call the shots during the postgame.

Relive the Past
Have a stay-at-home nostalgia fest. Plan a decadent meal and dine in on the sofa. Watch your wedding video together or flip through your wedding album and honeymoon photos. Talk one new thing you've discovered about each other since you said “I do."

Have a Sex Fest
This one speaks for itself. Block off a night to just have at each other in a way you haven't since your honeymoon. Let him know what he can do to please you and vice versa. Some vanilla massage cream, Kama Sutra oil, or body paints should also get things going.

Play Hooky
Call in sick, rent a few romantic videos, and stay in bed all day long. The point here isn't to get it on. It's all about spending a whole day together without distractions.

Art Gallery
Most art galleries are free to browse, so check out the latest and greatest by artists in your area. Galleries usually introduce new exhibitions once a month that are debuted with free wine and cheese. Free hors d'oeuvres!

Free Concerts
Check your local paper or its website for upcoming free concerts. For shows in the park, pack a picnic basket and blanket so you can dance and dine in the same place.

Even for couples living in a city, a wooded area or hiking trail is almost always within a 30-minute drive. Pack your hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, two large bottles of water and a small snack (unless you'll be hiking all day, in which case, go all out with sandwiches). Find trails near you on

Street or County Fair
Whether it's a pie bake-off on a farm or a falafel stand in the city, street and county fairs are great places to sample food and soak up the local flavor. Check out craft fairs too. You just might find some cool gifts for future occasions.

Fantasy Sex
Sure, it seems like a no-brainer, but first you have to do some detective work. Was he particularly attentive during the refrigerator scene when you rented 9 1/2 Weeks? Then bring some strawberries to bed. If you don't know what his fantasies are, ask. Trust us, he could probably talk for hours.

Roller Blading
If you own skates, make like the fitness buffs on the boardwalks of Cali and head outside to blade. Make sure you wear a helmet!

Rent a Movie
Sure it's simple, but sometimes snuggling up on the couch together and watching a good love story is all you two need to reconnect.

Minor League Games
Buy tickets for seats farther in the back of the stadium and you'll spend as little as $8 a piece. Standing room goes for even less at about $4 per person. Check the websites of your favorite minor league teams for special promotions or get a few of your friends together for a group outing.

Dog Park
Grab your pooch and head to a local dog park. Not only is it fun for the three of you, it's also a great way to make new couple friends!