Treat Yo’ Cat to Etsy Finds That are Totally Hipster Chic

Admit it: You are a cat lady. You dream of going all Grey Gardens with a fleet of kittens and your tiny is treated to greater luxuries than yourself (Henrietta may or may not sleep on a cashmere sweater that she claimed. I didn't fight it.). Since your furbaby is just that, your baby, here are the chicest (they'll actually look good in your home!)and most ridiculously amazing finds from Etsy for your best mew.


The Sleeping Quarters

Obviously, a felted kitty cave is the way to go for your lovebug's sleeping arrangements. Who wouldn't want to curl up in there? For the more hipster kitten, a canvas and leather tipi is exactly what her spirit animal (wait, can animals have spirit animals?) dreamed up. Tip: I've used this exact tipi to hide Henri's litter box. It's the perfect small space accent-meet-coverer of unsightly things.

SHOP NOW: Felted cat cave, $67, LoveCatCaves,; Cat tipi, $59, PetWaki,


The Feeding Accessories

You love those raku bowls you picked up from the deadhead at your last trip to the farmer's market, so why shouldn't Whiskers have a set too? I say, go for bright—it'll be a fun pop of color in your kitchen. As for storage, who really likes the look of cat food bags? A container that seals will keep kibble fresh, not to mention vermin out!

SHOP NOW: Ceramic pet bowl, $35, sheilasart,; Enamel cat food tin, $24, LaylaRoze,


The Playtime Necessities, Part I

Just like a real baby, your furry version needs her playtime. Skip the ugly plastic toys and play with some handmade kitschy ones. Crocheted jellyfish? Catnip-filled shrimp? Yes, please!

SHOP NOW: Crocheted jellyfish cat toy, $20, meowadays,; Catnip filled shrimp toys, $9 for two-pack, crazyaboutcatnip,


The Playtime Necessities, Part II

Don't forget to bring home a fishing line toy. Trust me, the toy + string + stick combo will not only amuse your kitten until the end of days, it'll save you from actually having to play fetch. Read: you can play couch potato as she plays wild lion.

SHOP NOW: Sardinha viva cat toy, $5, OupasDesign,


The Other Necessities

One thing I've learned (Henri insists on scaling my dresser drawers when my armoire is open) is that cats love climbing to the highest place in your home. Call me crazy but do not buy a cat tree, I repeat, do not buy a cat tree! This handmade wooden corner perch will stay understated amongst your décor. And when Snowball needs to scratch it out, give her a pretty door hanging post so she can not take it out on your bed.

SHOP NOW: Corner climber shelf, $80, MountainCatTrees,; Kitty scratchboard, $69, DeerStopVintageHome,

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