Halloween Decor That’s as Chic as It Is Spooky

Halloween Chic Decor
Photo: Areaware
Not your typical tacky plastic skulls and gravestones.

Let's be real: you shouldn't have to spend money on tacky decorations that you'll only use (not to mention will only last) a few weeks. We say look for pieces that are high quality (and you know, an upgrade from your standard orange and black plastic). That said, here a few pieces—no pumpkins included—that can stay in your home past October 31st.

  1. Light in the Dark

    Black Crocodile-Patterned Flameless Candles
    Photo by Pottery Barn

    Light up your front porch on All Hallows Eve with these flameless candles, and keep them on the mantle post-holiday for a vampy-chic look.

    Pottery Barn Flickering Flameless Candles, $51-59, PotteryBarn.com

  2. Painted Parietal

    Vintage-Looking Printed Skull with Roses Throw Pillow
    Photo by World Market

    Vintage-inspired skulls and roses? This needs to be seen for more than a few days in October.

    World Market Halloween Printed Skull and Roses Pillow, $19.99, WorldMarket.com

  3. Lend a Hand

    Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder
    Photo by Modcloth

    ​This skeleton hand pulls double duty—use it as a festive centerpiece and a jewelry stand.

    ​Modcloth Go to Extremities Jewelry Stand, $40, Modcloth.com

  4. A-Head of Your Time

    Brass Skull Candy Holder with Raven Handle
    Photo by Target

    This cookie jar isn't overtly Halloween-y, so stick your snacks in this foreboding skull to help keep sticky fingers at bay year-round.

    Hyde and Eek! Boutique Skull Candy Jar with Raven Handle, $12.75, Target.com

  5. It's a Sign!

    "Psychic Readings: What does your future hold?" Black and Gold Sign
    Photo by Spirit Halloween

    ​Bring your inner-psychic out right in your living room with this delightful psychic readings sign.

    ​Spirit Halloween Psychic Readings Sign, $9.99, SpiritHalloween.com

  6. Anatomy Lessons

    Vintage-Looking Anatomy Photos of Skull and Hand bones
    Photo by Pottery Barn

    Reminiscent of early 20th century medical journals, these anatomical sketches aren't just works of art—they can give you a brief anatomy lesson, too.

    ​Pottery Barn Anatomy Pictures, $63, PotteryBarn.com

  7. In the Room with the Candlestick

    Black 3-tiered and 5-tiered Candelabras
    Photo by World Market

    Put these candelabras out for a scary movie night or a romantic dinner (or a spooky romantic dinner). Either way, they'll add a touch of elegance anywhere you put them.

    World Market Black Iron Candelabra, $24-30, WorldMarket.com

  8. Hook, Line and Sinker

    White clay hand wall hooks
    Photo by Areaware

    These hands may look like spirits reaching out beyond your walls (and the grave), but they also hold small plants, keys and tchotchkes.

    ​Harry Allen Reality Hand Hooks, $75, Areaware.com

  9. Death to Dish Soap

    Grim Reaper on Unicycle "Killin it" dish towel
    Photo by Spirit Halloween

    Add a bit of humor to your dish washing routine with this unicycle-riding grim reaper.

    Spirit Halloween Cheeky Reaper Dish Towel, $4.99, SpiritHalloween.com