Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party That Will Make You Forget You Don't Live in Mexico

No beach in sight? No problem. You'll forget you're not south of the border with these genius Cinco de Mayo party suggestions.
  1. Photo by Anita Calero / The Nest

    While sombreros aren't necessary, good friends and strong tequila are definitely two Cinco de Mayo must-haves. So dust off your margarita pitcher and celebrate the warm weather with our fab and easy fiesta party plan.

  2. Spread the Word

    Invite neighbors, coworkers and friends to your bash with a festive and sophisticated electronic blast -- we love Paperless Post -- so you’ll get RSVPs quickly. Don’t forget to encourage everyone to “dress festive” (read: sombreros welcome).

    Chips and Salsa invitation,

  3. Start Sippin'

    Photo by Mix, Shake, Stir

    As soon as guests arrive, put a cold margarita in their hands. Hint: Give your glasses an edge by rimming them in lime juice and rock salt first.

    For a twist on the classic, try a blood orange margarita.

  4. Taco Treats

    Photo by David Land / The Nest

    Keep it simple with one DIY main course. Place shredded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo in serving bowls; then arrange hard and soft shells on a platter. Encourage guests to pile up their tacos (and come back for seconds, obviously).

    Upgrade your buffet with this homemade grilled pineapple salsa.

  5. Serve in Style

    Photo by David Land / The Nest
    Ran out of plates or just want to do something more original? Pile up apps or desserts (like these fresh-fruit kebabs) on cactus or palm leaves or in a hollowed-out watermelon half, and you’ve got an instant serving platter.
  6. Turn Up the Music

    Photo by David Land / The Nest

    Download high-energy hits from the Gypsy Kings and Santana. Just hook up your iPod to a small set of outdoor speakers and you’re ready to jam.

    ...Or if you’re a musician, bust out your best rendition of “Oye Como Va”. It's your call.

  7. Hang a Pinata

    This playful prop will rev up your party’s atmosphere and give guests an excuse to look hilarious while swatting for candy and prizes (blindfolded, of course!).

    Find a variety of styles for as little as $5 at

  8. End With (What Else?) Tequila

    Photo by The New Southwest: Classic Flavors with a Modern Twist

    The perfect way to cap off your fiesta is with a round of quality tequila (one that’s made from 100 percent agave). Pass around a tray with tequila shots, but taste it the true way by sipping, not pounding it, and say “Ole!” to a rockin’ night.

    Want to really impress your friends? Refresh your tequila knowledge with this tequila cheat sheet.