Cooking Q&A: Hair on Chicken Wings?

cooking chicken
Photo: iStock

Q: I bought some chicken to make Buffalo wings tonight, and some of them have hair! Is this normal?

A: There's nothing quite like hair on raw chicken to skeeve you out for a few days. As much as I love food and cooking, I still get kinda queasy at the sight of some raw meat -- chicken in particular. But the hair is actually no big deal.

According to the Perdue hotline, chickens have about 4,500 feathers and hairs that are removed during processing. They try to remove all of them, but inevitably they miss a few. The hairs are totally harmless, but feel free to pluck 'em if they're grossing you out. You could probably use regular tweezers or your fingers to pinch the hairs out, but a good scrubbing with a paper towel might work too. The truth is the tiny hairs will burn off during cooking.