Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples

masked woman holding fan
Photo: iStock
In need of some creative costume inspiration? From sweet and silly to just plain spooky -- these costumes definitely hold true to "it takes two."
  1. Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein

    Should we even ask how she got her hair to stay like that?

  2. Linda and Bob from Bob's Burgers

    These FOX fans took their cartoon obsession to the next level -- she even has Linda's signature yellow sneakers!

  3. Gertie and Elliott from E.T.

    These two actually make the 80s sci-fi classic look cool. (Plus, how old-school are those overalls?)

  4. Ash and Pikachu

    Even though we haven't heard a Pokémon reference since 1999, these two still manage to pull off the classic anime duo.

  5. The Willy Wonka Cast

    Between an Oompa Loompa, a chocolate bar and Mr. Wonka himself; these three have their costumes down pat.

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

    They almost look good enough to eat.

  7. Words With Friends

    Cozy, creative and comfortable...what else do you need in a costume?

  8. Little Bo Peep & Sheep

    Photo by The Nest
    We wonder how many cotton balls that took...
  9. Johnny Cash & June Carter

    Photo by The Nest

    Hopefully he can play as well as his wife can dress.

  10. Dexter & Victim

    Photo by The Nest

    Equally creepy and creative -- this costume just may be one of our favorites.

  11. She-Ra & He-Man

    Photo by The Nest

    Luckily, those swords are just as fake as his biceps.

  12. Ghostbuster & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Photo by The Nest

    Who you gonna call?

  13. Smurfs

    Photo by The Nest

    How long do you think it took to wash all that off?

  14. Queen Amidala & Darth Vader

    Photo by The Nest

    What is it with men and lightsabers?

  15. Dorothy & The Tin Man

    Photo by The Nest

    If only he had a brain...

  16. Banana & Ape

    Photo by The Nest

    We don't want to know how hot it got under those costumes...

  17. Olive Oyl & Popeye

    Photo by The Nest

    His costume is only complete if he mastered the signature Popeye laugh.

  18. Curious George & the Man in the Yellow Hat

    Photo by The Nest

    Think she stayed attached at his hip all night?

  19. Mitchell & Cam from Modern Family

    Photo by The Nest

    We love how they included little Lily!

  20. Lucha Libre Wrestlers

    Photo by The Nest

    The perks of a mask: not having to do your makeup.

  21. Wonder Woman & Captain America

    Photo by The Nest

    We can't help but wonder if Captain America actor Chris Evans is under all of that armor...

  22. Lobster & Pot

    Photo by The Nest

    We're not scared, but we're definitely hungry.

  23. The Situation & Snookie

    Photo by The Nest

    For some reason we thought Snookie was shorter.

  24. Winnie The Pooh & Piglet

    Photo by The Nest

    Any man who willingly dresses up in a bear costume gets our vote.

  25. Housewife & Husband

    Photo by The Nest

    We love the 1950s vibe; now we just want that apron!

  26. Kermit & Miss Piggy

    Photo by The Nest

    We give her props to wearing a snout all night long.

  27. Snow White & Elf

    Photo by The Nest

    Somehow, we don't recall a drunk elf in the original fairy tale...

  28. Dice

    Photo by The Nest

    But where are they supposed to put their hands?

  29. Hall & Oates

    She even nailed the intense John Oates stare.

  30. Carmen Sandiego & Waldo

    It only makes sense that the two most elusive fictional characters of all time finally found each other.

  31. Carl & Russell From Disney's 'Up'

    We love the attention to detal -- especially the tennis balls!

  32. Black & White Swan

    If you're looking for an excuse to get your man in a tutu, this is it.

  33. Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox

    Photo by The Nest

    While he's dressed comfortably in flannel, she's stuck in hooves and a snout. How unfair.

  34. Zombie Bride & Groom

    Photo by The Nest

    Okay, they may be far from cute, but at least they're spooky.

  35. Princess Peach & Mario

    Photo by The Nest

    Forget the fake bike, this is the perfect excuse to ride around on real tricycles.

  36. Fred & Wilma Flintstone

    Photo by The Nest

    We love how detailed this duo is; Fred even remembered a baby blue tie.

  37. Grecian Goddess & Soldier

    Heather & Nathan of Fort Wayne, IN

    "Nathan refused to wear anything with tights. He ended up in a skirt, but he says the sword made up for it."

  38. Doctor & Nurse

    Isaac & Michelle of West Linn, OR

    "Okay, so it's not the most original costume, but we had fun playing doctor for a day!"

  39. Guitar Hero

    Paul & Janellica of Los Angeles, CA

    "Paul is a video game programmer, so we went as Guitar Hero characters. Finding a Union Jack t-shirt was quite the challenge."

  40. Pepsi & Pop Rocks

    Jason & Melanie of Rochester Hills, MI

    "We made this getups for an '80s party, but they worked out to be great costumes."

  41. Dorothy & a Flying Monkey

    Joe & Sarah of Memphis, TN

    "I love The Wizard of Oz and wanted an excuse to be Dorothy, so Joe was a flying monkey."

  42. 50s Housewife & Milkman

    Brian & Kathy from Chicago, IL

    "I carried around a spatula and fake cigarette, and Brian carried around a milk carrier crafted out of a four-pack of Starbucks Frappuccino bottles!"

  43. Pumpkin People

    Sean and Priscilla from Pasadena, CA

    "My husband Sean happened to have the orange wig and I had the green tutu stashed away from a previous party (we like to dress up)."

  44. Jack & Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Josh and Laci from Grand Terrace, CA

    "Even our dog Cady (Zero the ghost) and our cat Mia (a bat) joined us in their homemade outfits!"

  45. Peanut Butter & Jelly

    Sayre & Leslie

    "We had bread on our backs made of felt, so when we hugged we made a sandwich!"

  46. Al & Peg Bundy

    Ronal and Britta from Mandeville, LA

    "Our subdivision throws a big party every year so we dressed up and walked around the neighborhood. Obviously we had to take the iconic shot from the series!"

  47. Oktoberfest Bar Man & Beer Maid

    Chad and Beth

    "We always like to choose something that is a bit out of the box, so these costumes were a great idea."

  48. Shrek & Fiona

    Let's just hope that the paint washed off.

  49. Danny & Sandy From Grease

    We almost can't tell the difference between this photo and the film's 1978 movie poster.

  50. Deer in Headlights

    These two are definitely going to cause an accident.

  51. Nerds

    Embracing their inner nerds in the dweebiest way possible.

  52. Peanut Butter and Jelly

    She's lucky he doesn't prefer jam.

  53. Morticia and Gomez Addams

    Where's Uncle Fester when you need him?

  54. Loofah and Soap

    We're guessing she pulled off the pink tulle better than he did when they first tried these on.