Create a Bedroom You'll Both Love

couple in bedroom
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Designing a bedroom look that fits both of your personalities can be tricky. Try our unisex tips for an ideal his-and-hers look.
  1. Bedding Basics

    Want to create a gender-neutral bedroom? Start with a bed frame that has both masculine and feminine appeal, like this West Elm bed with a square cutout headboard. To achieve a unisex look, substitute floral designs with neutral-colored patterns and bold colors, like the ones on this duvet set from DwellStudio.

  2. Accessorize Right

    When you're accessorizing your bed, stick to hues that don't have a super-feminine feel. A mustard yellow throw, burnt-orange sheet set and throw pillow from Pillows and Throws keeps the look warm without being frilly. DIY tip:Add a sexy-yet-unisex detail by affixing colored paper in the square cutouts on the headboard in bright orange.

  3. Customize Your Lighting

    A common problem couples have when they're merging stuff? Putting her delicate lamp on his clunky dresser, where the two styles clash. Solve this problem by designing your own fixture together! Choose among several wood finishes and custom, stackable blocks that you can change around if the look gets tired. The lamp looks like it was made for this six-drawer dresser from IKEA.

  4. Add in Cozy Touches

    Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he doesn't like to kick back in a comfy chair and read. Add a SKRUVSTA Swivel Chair in Kottla White from IKEA to add another dimension to your bedroom look. Toss a vibrant pillow and blanket on it like these picks from Pillows and Throws that ties in the hue of your rug and bedding. The result: cozy and anything but girly.