How to Display Art Without Putting Holes in Your Walls

creative art display
No nails, no problem.

You lucked out and scored a sweet new space that you're, well, kind of obsessed with (finally!). Now the only thing left to do is jazz it up with a few pieces of rad artwork—except there's one little detail standing in your way. You can't put any holes in the wall. Be it your landlord's orders or the reality of having plaster or concrete walls, you won't be decorating your digs with the help of nails anytime soon. Of course, that's no reason to surrender yourself to an eternity (or the length of your lease) of bare walls. We've curated a list of eight easy ways to transform your space with artwork, without doing damage to your walls.

Free-Standing Shelves

art on shelves

Photo via SF Girl By Bay

It's time to master the prop-and-lean. After all, it's a stylish way to get by sans nails and a drill. Whether you're looking to dress up your dining room or add some pizazz to the front hall, enlist the help of shelving to put your favorite pieces on display. Displayed alongside books, dishware or plants, your artwork adds visual dimension and drama to an otherwise understated detail.

Washi Tape

washi tape

Photo via Clementine Daily

Okay, so this not might fly if your style is more on the traditional side, but if you're ready to push the envelop, washi tape is the way to go. It gives you the flexibility to switch up prints, photographs and posters at a moment's notice, and will even save you a few bucks on frames. This is a particuarly great solution for work spaces and inspiration boards. For maximum impact opt for tape in vibrant colors or funky patterns.

Cool Credenzas


Photo via Chris Patey for Domaine

Hanging your artwork on the wall might be your first choice, but as this chic dining space proves, a quick and dirty fix can be just as elegant. Displaying pieces on top of a unique credenza or buffet creates a focal point for the room and draws attention to your favorite furnishings.

Bold Molding

hanging string art

Photo via One Kings Lane

If you're fortunate enough to have picture moulding, creating a gallery wall should be a snap. Map out where you want each picture, painting or print to hang, then grab some picture rail hooks and wire or string and get to hanging! It's that simple.

leaning art on floor

Photo via French by Design

Utilize unexpected spaces—like the floor—to open the door to a myriad of Pinterest-worthy styling opportunities. The shelf above helps establish the space as a photographic gallery, while the larger size and small number of frames on the floor makes the display feel polished and purposeful.

Dressed-Up Dresser

dresser art

Photo via Emily Henderson

Give your dresser a decidedly haute upgrade while enlivening the rest of your room by topping it off with an eye-catching oeuvre d'art. Elegant trays, fresh flowers and personal trinkets further amplify the wow-worthy effect.

Unexpected Structures

Photo by Jean L via Flickr

Whether it's a ladder or your own unique creation, statement structures such as the wooden display above, offer a one-of-a-kind design solution to your no-nails problem. Now watch as the compliments come rolling in.

Sneaky Tacks

fireplace art

Photo via Lonny

Unless your walls are made of concrete, tacks offer a quick-and-easy fix for hanging your artwork. The holes are are small, easy to cover up and won't threaten the integrity of the wall. Alternatively, you can use double sided tape or hanging strips to display pieces in tricky spaces, like above this dreamy fireplace.