8 Dapper Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Step-up your gifting game with these gifts that are perfect for Father's Day.

When it comes to shopping for men, sometimes we can be left scratching our heads. So, for this Father's Day, we're looking to these items that are guaranteed to put a smile on even the toughest gent's face.

  1. Jet Fuel

    illy espresso machine
    Photo by Illy

    Coffee aficionados alike will love this new gadget that makes perfect espress (and cappuccinos!) at home.

    SHOP NOW: Francis Francis Y5 Duo espresso machine, $299, Illy.com

  2. Writer's (Un)Block

    digital pencil
    Photo by 53

    For the creative-type, this digital stylus will let dad draft away on his iPad.

    SHOP NOW: Digital stylus pencil for iPad, $60, FiftyThree.com

  3. Better Leather

    bison leather dopp kit
    Photo by Kaufmann Mercantile

    Get his grooming game on point with a bison leather dopp kit bag that will age as well as he does.

    SHOP NOW: Bison leather dopp kit bag, $239, Kaufmann-Mercantile.com

  4. In the Bag

    zara bowling bag
    Photo by Zara

    Upgrade his gym bag to this denim and leather version.

    SHOP NOW: Denim bowling bag, $100, Zara.com

  5. Tropic Thunder

    jack spade leaf print card holder
    Photo by Barneys

    This tropical card holder will send dad to his happy place of island life, even in the dead of winter.

    SHOP NOW: Palm Leaf-print card holder, $98, Jack Spade, Barneys.com

  6. Silver Bullet

    silver martini mixer
    Photo by ABC Home

    A dapper dad needs a proper martini mixer and this slick silver version is one he'll love.

    SHOP NOW: Martini mixer, $100, ABCHome.com

  7. Spice Route

    salt collection
    Photo by UncommonGoods

    Make dad's grilling that much more flavorful with a salt collection that's foodie approved.

    SHOP NOW: Flavors of America salt collection, $60, Brett Cramer, UncommonGoods.com

  8. Top Notch

    brass pencil holder
    Photo by FermLiving

    A desk doesn't have to be boring--this brass pencil holder will keep his office space modern and organized.

    SHOP NOW: Brass pencil holder, $96, FermLiving.com