Daylight Saving Time: 21 Sexy Ways to Enjoy It

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After the brutal week we've had, we're psyched this weekend will be slightly longer than most. That's right: It's daylight savings time once again. You'll set your clock back an hour on Sunday, and get some extra time to enjoy with your honey. We've compiled a list of fun things to do together. Check it out–and let us know if there's anything we missed!

1. Have mind-blowing sex.

2. Make a memory book of fun times; add photos and cute quotes.

3. Give each other massages.

4. Relax in a bubble bath together.

5. Take a cooking class.

6. Build a fire in your fireplace, and cuddle.

7. Mix up a fun cocktail.

8. Picnic at the spot where you got engaged.

9. Enjoy a long, leisurely brunch.

10. Watch a romantic movie.

11. Take in sunset (or sunrise).

12. Go bowling (ignore the icky shoes).

13. Check out a local art exhibit.

14. Take a scenic hike.

15. Go ice skating.

16. Try a new type of cuisine.

17. Learn how to salsa dance.

18. Check out a local festival.

19. Take a yoga class.

20. Make a cake from scratch.

21. Have a wine-tasting party (for two!).

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