Handle 7 Sticky Situations the Classy Way (& Get What You Want)

Getting out the door stylishly is one thing, but avoiding the unavoidable mishaps that hamper our day with a smile is quite another! From dealing with rude strangers to suddenly stained clothing and social media snafus, here's what the experts have to say on how to deal with our modern hurdles—and remain every bit the class act.

Situation: Someone cuts in front of you in line.
Solution: Kill them with kindness, advises Kristen K. Brown, author of The Happy Hour Effect: 12 Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life. “Tap them on the shoulder and ask in your sweetest voice, 'You must be in a huge hurry and be having a really bad day. How can I help make it better?'" Spinning the scenario from anger and annoyance to one of help will not only make it a more positive experience but also still lets the person know they are in the wrong.

Situation: You just got a manicure and you ruined a nail, already.
Solution: Tell your manicurist right away when you smudge a nail. “It's easier to fix when freshly ruined," admits celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders. “I always like to hear, 'I'm so sorry! I've ruined your hard work!'" She adds, “Honestly, our job is to beautify your nails and make you happy, so don't be afraid to ask. I once had a client ruin a nail seven times in a row!"

Situation: A friend owes you some money and has made no mention of paying you back.
Solution: Nothing says awkward like asking a friend to repay money. Next time you're out on the town, throw the tab her way and say, “Are you getting this one since I got you with xxxx?" suggests Kristen K. Brown, author of The Happy Hour Effect: 12 Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life.

Situation: You are standing too close to the curb, and a car splashes dirty street water on you.
Solution: First thing to do is to get dry. “Even if you have to use a hand dryer in a public bathroom," John Mahdessian, President of The Madame Paulette Organization says. Hold the dirtied fabric as straight and taut as possible to avoid wrinkles. “Gently brush off surface dirt as best you can," he says. This should get you in decent shape for continuing with your workday. At home, you can treat any residual spots by rewetting the area, dabbing with a mixture of one-part dishwashing detergent to one-part water to break up the stain, rising and then laying flat to dry. Or you can get The Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit, which will help you completely remove 95% of any kind of stain in no time, says Mahdessian.

Use code MPBLUSH20 for a 20% discount on the purchase of a 5-kit package (retail $37.50) at MadamePaulette.com.

Situation: You reached to sip your coffee, and instead your cotton blouse is wearing it.
Solution: Five steps from John Mahdessian, President of The Madame Paulette Organization to remove a coffee stain at home or work:

  1. Place an absorbent cloth under the stained area and rewet with water.
  2. Take a white cloth and with a one-part soap to six-part water solution, tap it right on the stain area. You will begin to see the coffee stain breaking down.
  3. Rinse it out.
  4. Flip the absorbent cloth over and pat dry.
  5. Using a blow dryer or a hand dryer in the workplace bathroom dry the spot from the outside of the ring to the inside of the ring, and you'll see it disappear.

Situation: A friend makes inappropriate comments about you on your personal Facebook page.
Solution: “Treat Facebook like a party in your own home and react how you would if you were dealing with this person face-to-face," says Dabney Porte, a Social Media Correspondent and founder of Social Media Girlfriends. Porte says initially you may wish to ignore the comment or respond nicely to see if you are able to turn the conversation into a positive one. If the comment is embarrassing, hit the remove button and clear it from your timeline. Send the person a private message explaining that your feelings are hurt. Lastly, if the behavior continues, don't be afraid to hit the block button. “When blocked, they will not be able to contact you or access your page again," clarifies Porte. “In fact, you become unsearchable and invisible to the person blocked."

Situation: Someone is sabotaging your Twitter account.
Solution: Immediately change your Twitter password, which should stop the rogue sabotage, says Dabney Porte, a Social Media Correspondent and founder of Social Media Girlfriends. Next, click on the applications tab and start fresh by denying access to all applications. (The next time you wish to use an application and link it to your Twitter account, you will simply be asked to “re-authenticate" with an easy click.) “I recommend that you clean your Twitter 'nest' by removing all apps and changing your password once a month," says Porte.

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