Decor Confidential: Noa Santos Shows Us How to Give Your Home a Spring Polishing

Now that spring has finally sprung, all we can think about is storing those heavy winter blankets and giving our home a light and bright warm-weather refresh. So we sought out the expertise of Homepolish founder Noa Santos for his tips on how you can spruce up your home for the warmer months with simple solutions.
  1. What is Homepolish?

    Photo by Homepolish

    Homepolish is a new online resource that makes dreamy high design accessible to everyone by pairing local interior designers with clients seeking to turn a house into their home. The result? A personal experience with crazy-good designs, not to mention leaving us drooling over the gorgeous rooms they’ve done. Now, on to the tips…

  2. Tip #1: Spoil Yourself With Color

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    After a long winter of gray skies and snowy ground, we can’t agree more when Santos says, “Bring the color indoors. Visit your local flower shop and spoil yourself every now and then with colorful florals.” Whether you prefer bright pinks or subtle whites, a colorful touch from sweet-smelling flowers is guaranteed to up your happy level. 

  3. Tip #2: Fur Is Out (Well, Not Really)

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    As cozy as they are, those big, bulky throws you pile on top of your bed to stay warm take up room and give a heavier feel to an interior. “Sub out the fur throws for lighter knit blankets with a bit of pattern,” says Santos. 

  4. Tip #3: “Trunkate” Your Closet

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    “Storing winter coats is always a problem in small apartments,” states Santos. (And who can blame us for having a few to mix up the wardrobe when it’s in the subzero temperatures.) He continues, “Using a trunk as a coffee table or a stack of vintage suitcases for an end table allows you extra storage space without the clutter” -- not to mention a cool traveler’s vibe in the abode. 

  5. Tip #4: Hit the Flea Market

    Photo by Thinkstock

    If you’re on the hunt for a unique vintage item, you may find yourself asking, “Where do I discover such a piece?” Santos recommends you “Take advantage of the warming weather and shop for vintage pieces at your local outdoor flea markets.” He loves the Brooklyn Flea and Green Flea in New York.

  6. Tip #5: Cut a Rug

    Photo by Homepolish

    Springtime is best when shared with friends over good food and wine. “If you're planning on hosting springtime soirees, sub out that hard-to-clean winter rug for something indoor/outdoor-ready, like a natural sisal. You won't have to worry about a mess, and guests won't need to remove their shoes,” says Santos.

  7. Tip #6: Drink It Up

    Photo by St. Germain

    When prepping your spring soiree, Santos suggests including some bubbly: “Champagne cocktails are the best way to ring in the season, so I always keep a champagne carafe on hand. With the measurements inscribed on the glass, it looks great on a bar cart and makes the perfect champagne cocktail a no-brainer.”

  8. Tip #7: Bring In the Green

    Photo by MyUrbino

    For those that live in a smallish urban apartment and are seeking a little indoor nature, Santos has a tip. “When floor space is scarce, I like to use Urbio's Happy Family planters, which hang on the wall and allow me to switch up the arrangement when I get bored.”

  9. Tip #8: Play With Prints

    Photo by Eskayel

    Adding art with a unique touch to your home is the easiest way to make it yours. Eskayel prints, fabric and wallpaper are a stunning way to bring unexpected color and pattern into your life. Once you start with these guys, you may have trouble stopping,” says Santos.

  10. Tip #9: Brush of Luck

    Photo by Benjamin Moore

    When looking for an instant update for your home, one easy DIY change is to paint your walls (or just a few of them). “I like Benjamin Moore's Williamsburg line for a foolproof color palette,” says Santos. 

  11. Tip #10: White Out

    Photo by Homepolish

    To create a high-design interior on a budget, Santos suggests you “paint your walls a gallery white. Many apartments come in an off-white that makes decorating difficult, so opt for a clean, pure white -- that may make all the difference.”