’s 6 Decor + Food Trends for 2014

the nest home and food trends

What you eat and where you live should be as stylish as what you wear. From metallic hues to fizzy drinks, here's your guide to what's hot for 2014 in the world of home and lifestyle.

  1. Bring on the Bubbly

    Here at, we love our bubbly. And while we don't need a reason to pop open a bottle of champagne (an artisanal cheese platter will do!), we love to discover new sparkling beverages, from fizzy ice coffee to homemade seltzer and lavender and elderflower sodas. Besides, who doesn't love a spritzer? And bubbles jazz up water and carbonated juices for fun mocktails. Every girl needs to add some effervescence to her day!

    SHOP NOW: 1. Sparkling elderflower lemonade, $39.99 for case of four bottles, Belvoir Elderflower Presse; 2. Espresso soda, $16.95 for twelve 10 ounce soda bottles,; 3. Lavender soda, $32 for a 24-pack,; 4. Homemade seltzer, $249.95 for SodaStream Wood Starter Kit,

  2. Head to the Tropics

    Get ready to hit the tropics this year for tropical leaf prints are making their way to everything from dinnerware to furniture and even your walls. Taking inspiration from the Beverly Hills Hotel's famed banana leaf wallpaper, you can heat up your décor with pillows, plates and even the well-known wall covering for an equatorial room.

    SHOP NOW: 1. Euro Tropiques plate, $165,; 2. The Original Martinique Wallpaper, price upon request,; 3. Banana leaf platter in brass, $295,; 4. Leaf print pillow, $107,

  3. Comfort Food or Fine Food?

    Don't deny it. You know you want it – comfort food! And who needs to feel guilty about indulging in French fries, mac 'n' cheese, dip, a cheese sandwich, or cookies. But don't waste a mouthful on boring bites. Give your same old eats some gourmet flair: Get creative and think truffle French fries, macaroni and cheese made with Parmigiano-Reggiano or Grana Padano, crab dip, a grilled mozzarella cheese and prosciutto sandwich, risotto cakes and French macarons. So many possibilities!

    SHOP NOW: 1. French macarons, $30 for 6 macarons in a standard box,; 2. Grana Padano cheese, $36 for 2.5 lbs,; 3. Truffle salt, $19.95, Casina Rossa

  4. Mix It Up with Metallics

    Prepare to let your home shine with copper accents that are replacing gold and silver pieces but fear not if you've set the stage with these shimmering tones, for mixing metallic creates a successful room with a personality that's all yours.

    SHOP NOW: 1. Tea light holder in copper, $5,; 2. Copper pitcher, $29,; 3. Real Good Chair in copper, $299, Blu Dot,; 4. Blender in copper, $100,; 5. Cupric nightstand in copper, $398,

  5. Chia: The Creative Health Food Snack

    We're not talking about that quirky terracotta wonder of a craft we all had as kids. There's a new Chia around that you'll find in a grocery store. These nutrient-dense seeds pack a huge health punch. Good things come in small packages, and not only does just 1 tablespoon contain 5 grams of fiber, but they're full of protein, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Still not sold? Pair 'em with almond milk, vanilla and fruit for a sweet (and super-healthy) pudding-like dessert.

    SHOP NOW: 1. White Chia seeds, $7.19,; 2. Cherry Chia Drink,; 3. Vanilla Chia seed pudding recipe,

  6. Step into the 70s

    It's time to take your decor back a few decades to the '70s. With modern-made macrame wall hangings, rattan chairs and lush corduroy fabrics in browns and orange making their comeback, your favorite room will be grooving to the beat of your parents.

    SHOP NOW: 1. Macrame weaving, $45 a square foot,; 2. Hand-woven rocker, $249,; 3. Glacial fringe pouf, $298,