This Wedding Gift Is So Ugly!

Life would be so much easier if all your guests just followed the rules and bought you gifts off your registry, right? While your first instinct may be to toss the offending item in the nearest trash bin, try to resist the urge.

A wiser solution: Simply keep the gift tucked away in a closet and set it out when your gift-giver drops by. After a solid year, you can discreetly let it “disappear" (though make sure it's not on eBay or Craigslist if you know the gift-giver is an online bargain hunter). Most people only notice the items they gave the first few times they swing by -- after that, you're probably in the clear.

We asked Nesties to reveal their most horrific wedding loot and what they decided to do with it. Get ready to laugh.

“We got a birdhouse shaped like a flip-flop. I put it out on my deck because I felt bad, but it fell down, and when I saw it on the ground, I just left it there. Our dog chewed it up." --MrsLakos

“A padded toilet seat cover that read 'Massage Parlor' on it. What the hell?! We had a good laugh about it, but we ended up giving it away." --dianetaylor

“A tea set that's soooo not our style (pink flowers with gold trim). I did what anyone would do in this situation: I gave it away for free on Craigslist."

“A rusty iron garden stake with our names scratched on it. I dropped it in the trash immediately because I was worried I'd need a tetanus shot." --nycgirl31

“A regifted bride and groom cookbook from 2002…the same year the person who gave it to us got married (we married in '05). Coincidence? I think not! When I returned it at Williams-Sonoma, the cashier told me it was worth two bucks." --kelinjay6

“A heavy silver bowl with raised grapes all over it. We tried selling it at a garage sale, but no one wanted it. It went to Goodwill in the end." --paith041

“A crystal figurine of a married couple dancing at their wedding. To my surprise, I found it at Walmart. So yes -- I returned that $20 baby." --jsvb14

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