DIY a Simple 2X4 Shelf for Extra Decor Space

Need more decorating space? DIY a simple wooden 2x4 shelf.

Take over that overbearing empty wall with this DIY that's super easy, customizable and cheap (it's only costs around $18!). Follow these simple steps to build an awesome rustic shelf in your home.

What You'll Need:

  • 1-2×4 of spruce, pine, or redwood in your desired length (this one used a 10-foot beam)
  • 5 “L" corner braces (like these – 1 brace for every 2 ft)
  • 20 screws (4 for each brace)
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape


STEP 1: Decide where you would like the shelf to go. Art should be hung at about eye level, so I want to hang my shelf a little below my eye level so that whatever went on top would be at a pleasing height.

STEP 2: Once you've made the decision, take a pencil and make a little mark at the bottom of the plank on either side.

STEP 3: Started from one end of the mark on the wall, measure two feet – make a mark. Measure two feet from that mark and make a mark. Mark every two feet until you've measured the whole plank.


STEP 4: Take the “L" corner braces, align them to your 2 ft marks and screw the shorter end flush to the wall. The longer end should be sticking out, this is where the plank will go.

STEP 5: Once all of the “L" braces are screwed in, put your 2×4 on them. If everything looks good, go under the plank and screw the braces into the bottom side of the 2×4.

STEP 6: VOILA! Get decorating!


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