How to Revamp Your Bookshelf

blurred bookshelf
Photo: iStock
Liven up your library with a touch of pattern and color.

A wallpaper backing will transform any old shelf into a dazzling backdrop for all your treasured tomes.





Measuring tape

Utility knife


Spray adhesive

Metal ruler

Hammer and brads (optional)


1. Clear out your bookshelf and lay it flat on its back.

2. Measure the space between the shelves and cut your wallpaper to size using a utility knife and metal ruler as your guide.

3. Apply an even layer of spray adhesive to the back side of your wallpaper and press firmly to the back of the shelf.

Tip If your bookshelf has a detachable back, simply remove it and measure the entire piece. Cut your paper to size and apply it to the back. Reattach using a hammer and small brads.

This project is from Wallpaper Projects: More than 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith.

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