7 Charming DIY Coffee Stations For Your Home

coffee station
Photo: Sarah Rhodes via A Beautiful Mess
The ultimate home coffee stations for coffee lovers.

Skip the trouble of walking down the street for a cup of morning coffee by creating your own mini coffee shop in the heart of your home! From rolling carts and dressers to open shelves and countertop corners, there are so many different places in your home that you can transform into a cute coffee station.

Wake up and enjoy your favorite drink with these clever coffee station ideas.

  1. 1. Coffee cart

    coffee cart
    Photo by Sarah Rhodes via A Beautiful Mess

    ​Simple and functional, place your mugs, machines, and condiments on a rolling cart for easy access at all times. Get the details for this perfectly organized coffee cart, here.

  2. 2. Industrial coffee station

    coffee station
    Photo by Live Simply

    ​Chalkboard, black pipe, and wood boards combine to create this DIY industrial style coffee station. Follow these building plans to learn how to make your own!

  3. 3. Colorful coffee bar

    colorful station
    Photo by Natalie Creates

    Repurpose an old dresser and turn it into a personal coffee bar for storing your coffee essentials! Try hanging a couple shelves above for additional storage space.​

  4. 4. Desk turned coffee bar

    desk bar
    Photo by Bower Power

    ​Not sure what to do with that unused desk area in your kitchen? Transform your messy kitchen desk into the perfect coffee bar! See how simple it is to make your own kitchen coffee area by following these steps.

  5. 5. Rustic coffee station

    rustic bar
    Photo by The Tale Of An Ugly House

    ​This rustic coffee station takes a cup of morning coffee to a whole new level. With weathered wood and concrete, check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to DIY this stylish station in your home.

  6. 6. Coffee corner

    Photo by Liz Marie Blog

    ​For those of you who don't have extra space for a cart or full coffee station, look to the corners of your kitchen to create a coffee area. This simple coffee corner features a mug rack and wood crate for holding coffee making gear.

  7. 7. Chalkboard coffee bar

    coffee bar
    Photo by Gray House Studio

    ​With a large chalkboard sign, lighting, and plenty of storage space, this DIY coffee bar is the ultimate at-home coffee station.

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