DIY Planters with Punch

Unexpected container + plants = one big green thumbs-up. (Bonus: Your friends will think you’re a gardening genius.)
  1. Bread Box

    Photo by Apartment Apothecary

    Trade the bread for buds: Drill holes in a vintage metal bin for drainage, then plant spring flowers like daffodils. (Now if only cutting carbs in real life was so easy... .) Get the details from Apartment Apothecary.

  2. Egg Carton

    Photo by Le Robin's Nest

    Whip up a yummy frittata, then use the empty eggshells to make this chic little centerpiece. (Easter brunch party— check!) Fill the shells with moss, succulents and flowers, then nestle them back into the carton. For a step-by-step guide, visit Le Robin’s Nest.

  3. Colorful Tires

    Photo by Lemon, Bean and Things

    A pile of old tires in the yard is sure to incur the wrath of your neighbors. But paint them in bright hues and add some greenery and suddenly you’re beautifying the ‘hood. Find more info at Lemon, Bean and Things.

  4. Pretty Tins

    Photo by Apartment Apothecary

    Why recycle olive oil and tea tins when you can upcycle them into tasteful herb planters? Use a hammer and nail to make drainage holes, or—hello, shortcut—just slip already potted herbs inside the tins. Learn more at Apartment Apothecary.

  5. Shutters

    Photo by The Plant Recipe Book

    Think of this as a garden gallery wall—the more, the merrier. Build a box on the back of each shutter, drill drainage holes in the
    bottom, fill with soil, then slip succulents and cuttings between the slats. Leave the shutter flat for a week to let the plants take root before hanging it. See more of garden and floral designer Baylor Chapman’s work in The Plant Recipe Book.

  6. Chandelier

    Photo by DIY ShowOff

    Here’s how to make a nonworking light fixture earn its keep again: Glue small saucers and pots onto the chandelier’s arms and spray paint the entire thing. Plant ivy and petunias, then hang it on your porch. See other great ideas at DIY ShowOff.