DIY an Instant Summer Hammock

hammock in sun room
Photo: iStock
Summer is here and we can't help but think about outdoor sleeping arrangements. Our favorite option: a cozy canvas hammock.

Here's a utilitarian example that we love for outdoor lounging. It's available for sale—or you can whip out the sewing machine and make your own from a painter's drop cloth and some other hardware store parts.

Store Bought Version: Hammock, $589,

DIY Version:

Make your own hammock using a large 20-by-20-Foot canvas drop cloth; $150 from Gemplers. Consider doubling up on the canvas for your hammock by splitting the large drop cloth in half, or sewing two smaller pieces together.

Source four stainless steel grommets with washers in a 3/8" size; $12 for 24 from My Tarp.

Box of 30 feet of 3/8" zinc-plated steel chain is $95 from Home Depot.

Four Nite Ize stainless steel S-biner, $3,