A Simple Snow Globe DIY to Remember Your Honeymoon

anniversary snowglobe diy
DIY this simple snow globe to remember your honeymoon vacation.

After a gorgeous wedding, friends of ours honeymooned in Paris for a couple of weeks. Talk about a fabulous way to kick off a marriage! As a little gift, I wanted to commemorate their trip with a personalized honeymoon-themed snow globe. This DIY is quick, easy and a really unique way to display a special trip—especially if it reminds you of your wedding, honeymoon or anniversary.

anniversary snowglobe diy

What You'll Need:

  • Modge Podge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mason jar
  • Honeymoon mementos
  • Glitter

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

First thing's first: find a container to use as your snow globe. For this snow globe, I found a small Eiffel Tower, a great “Mr & Mrs" laser cut out, and a few other goodies to spice it up. Like I mentioned before, bring your jar along, or make that your first stop. With each item you select, test it out by seeing if the item will fit within the container.

anniversary snowglobe diy

Step 2: Build the Base

While this Eiffel Tower was too adorable to pass up, it wasn't the right height. No problem! I grabbed a Styrofoam cylinder, glittered it and voila—it's the perfect height! Depending on what you use, this is a great way to add a little drama to your globe. Don't need it? Then skip this step!

anniversary snowglobe diy

For the base: Use a Styrofoam cylinder (double check to make sure it fits or cut it to size), modge podge, and glitter to set up a little workstation. With a paintbrush, spread the modge podge over one side of the cylinder and tap glitter on over top. Repeat until the cylinder is covered in glitter. Give it a little tap to get all the extra glitter off and set aside to dry.

anniversary snowglobe diy

Step 3: Adding the Personal Touch

Now the fun part! It's time to let your creative flag fly. Have some fun with it! Capture the spirit of the trip, the couple, and the celebration by adding little flairs of personal touch or special mementos. I used my hot glue gun to add an arrow to the Eiffel Tower and, for an extra flair, added a red heart to seal the deal!

anniversary snowglobe diy

Step 4: Placing the Centerpiece

The real centerpiece was the “Mr & Mrs" laser cut. Carefully bow the cut out and shimmy it up to the right spot. Once it's in there, carefully peel the back sticker and firmly press it into place. Didn't get it right the first time? Grab a pair of tweezers and nudge it into place.

anniversary snowglobe diy

Step 5: Assemble the Globe

Once your cylinder has dried, grab the lid of the mason jar (not the metal rim, but the flat circle) and hot glue a flat end of your glitter cylinder to the lid for your base. Next, place your Eiffel Tower on top of the cylinder. Once you've got it in the correct place, add some glue to each foot to secure. Hold down gently but firm for a few seconds to ensure binding. Place the jar upside down into the lid and you've got yourself a honeymoon snow globe!

anniversary snowglobe diy

Bravo et bonne chance!

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