Houseguest: Nestie HollyLuv

Everybody know HollyLuv? Around here, we've figured out that she's one of our go-to girls for DIY ideas. (Check out her blog to see just how creative she really is!) Holly dropped by with this cool project that she created from a couple of handles, a few frames, and a bunch of stylish paper. Anybody else got any projects planned for the weekend? Holly? Well, we bet you do.

Difficulty Level: Easy! (says Holly)
Time: 3 hours

Old knobs and handles
Wrapping paper
Screws and screw driver
Spray paint

How to:
Step 1 Arrange your knobs and handles on your painting surface where you'd like for them to be.
Step 2 Paint the knobs and handles.
Step 3 Remove the glass and backing from frames. Paint the frames.
Step 4 Take paper and cover the frame backing and secure with tape.
Step 5 Attach the back on the dried frames and screw in the knobs. (You'll need to use smaller screws than originally came with the knobs and handles since those are meant to go through and inch or so of wood; otherwise they'll be sticking out of the back quite a bit.)