6 DIY Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Even if you consider yourself crafty, we’re sure you’ve encountered a disaster or two.
  1. Glitter, Everywhere

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    It’s always the season for something sparkly (Yule tide, birthdays, showers), and for those who get a little glitter happy during the holidays (read: trying to DIY an entire glitterized ornament collection), those tiny bits of shine have a propensity to get all over the place. 

    How can you avoid glitter-bombing your home?
    Simply use a clear gloss enamel spray (found in the paint aisle) to keep glitter from jumping ship and finding its way onto your carpet, clothes, and kids or pets. 
  2. Paint That Isn't on Your Ceiling

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    Your apartment ceilings are lacking height, and after discovering that a ceiling painted dark navy or even black adds depth, you go for it. You’ve done your research and are ready to paint, but you find out immediately that not only did you get paint on your ceiling, tiny speckles of dark paint made their way onto your cabinets as well. 

    How can you avoid Jackson Pollock-ing your home? 
    While it’s a no-brainer to lay down newspaper or, better yet, a plastic tarp on the floor, don’t forget the area walls and molding! Take the extra step to securely cover your cabinets or walls with plastic. It may look like Dexter’s kill room, but you’ll be a much happier DIY-er when you see your spotless paint job. Bonus tip: Roll off any excess paint before applying it to your surface to avoid drips. 
  3. Hot Gluing Feathers in Your Hair

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    You’ve been dying to make that feather pendant you saw on Pinterest, and you spend hours perfectly placing the feather trim. It’s news to you when you lift your head that some hot glue somehow found its way into your locks and attracted downy fluff. 

    How can you avoid a traumatic glue and feathering?
    For ladies with long hair, use a hair tie, headband or even that gold scrunchie from the ’90s that you haven’t been able to part with. But don’t just do a ponytail—a high bun is the way to go.
  4. Turning Your Whites Pink

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    Let’s say you desperately wanted to dye the bottom of that blahzay duvet cover of yours a nice bold shade of burgundy. And let’s also say that you did an amazing job. But upon pulling your freshly washed whites out of the washing machine, they’re pink. 

    How can you avoid going full pastel?
    While it’s best to dye fabrics in the washing machine since they won’t stain, residual dye can and will find its way onto your clothes. Make sure to run the washing machine two or three times for good measure. 
  5. Your Lanterns Burst Into Flames

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    Your outdoor party is infamous among your friends, and what better way to welcome your guests than with petit paper lanterns that you did yourself? Only thing is, a subtle breeze blows them (and the candle inside) over, lighting them on fire. 

    How to avoid igniting your guests?
    While most store-bought paper lanterns are sprayed with a flame retardant, you may have missed this step. But if you want to keep your home and garden free of chemicals, try little LED lights that are specifically made for these types of lanterns.
  6. Supergluing Your Fingers Together

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    Staring at your lackluster white lampshade is boring you to tears, so you decide to cover it in a dramatic floral print. Only thing is, when finishing the trim, you accidentally superglue two fingers together. 

    How to avoid a dramatic DIY-induced trip to the doctor?
    Wear surgical gloves if you’re paranoid of permanently adhering your hands together (natural oils will eventually slough off the glue).