10 DIY Wall Art Ideas -- Personalized!

woman taking photos with polaroid camera
Photo: Getty
Yes, you can revamp your home’s decor without spending a lot of money. These DIY wall art projects are affordable, modern -- and totally personalized.
  1. A Zodiac Sign

    Photo by PS I Made This / The Nest
    Erica from P.S.- I made this... created this super-personalized work of art in zodiac form. Her directions are simple: Draw it, punch it, weave it, tape it, and staple a Milky Way!
  2. Polaroid Pictures

    Photo by Ideas to Steal / The Nest
    This wall art idea is by far the easiest we’ve seen. It looks effortless (because it is!), but it’s also pulled-together. Simply tape or tack personal photos or postcards of roughly the same size to a blank wall and wrap around a corner for an edgy, artistic vibe like Ideas to Steal did above.
  3. Family Photos

    Photo by Laura Brett Photography / The Nest
    A gallery wall of family photos looks great in any home, but here’s a new DIY twist from photographer Laura Brett. Fellow photographer Rebecca Knowles took several photos of Laura and her family that Laura had printed on canvas and stretched before arranging in a tight block. The interesting composition makes it wall art.
  4. Passport-Inspired Art

    Photo by Brooklyn Limestone / The Nest

    Instantly elevate DIY art by grouping and framing a collection on the wall. Brooklyn Limestone used "art" found inside the pages of a passport and glued it onto wood blocks.

    You can easily apply the same concept to other scannable pieces like children's artwork, photographs, concert tickets, vintage receipts and cool advertisements.

    Or try one of these ideas to decorate with your vacation keepsakes.

  5. Children’s Books

    Photo by Alexa Stevenson / The Nest

    Interior decorator Alexa Stevenson took pages from her favorite children’s books (she found the Babar book from 1949 at Brooklyn Flea for $1!) and framed them with customized yellow mats to dress up white IKEA frames for a client’s nursery.

    Voila, wall art made from a treasured storybook!

  6. Song Lyrics

    Photo by First Time Fancy / The Nest
    Words and quotes are great sources of inspiration for personalizing wall art. Kerry from First Time Fancy finished this DIY wall art using meaningful song lyrics stenciled across two canvases. “We now have it hanging in our bedroom and love it,” she says.
  7. Botanicals

    Photo by Cecilie Starin / The Nest
    Arranging a collection of framed flowers creates a gallery look. Buying all those would cost a small fortune, so interior designer Cecilie Starin created her own. She pressed found botanical flowers, and before framing, she customized each one with the Latin name handwritten next to the bloom. Re-create this project with flowers from your own garden.
  8. Window Frame

    Photo by Seeing Desgin / The Nest
    Windows aren’t just for seeing through! Here, a salvaged window frame creates an architectural display using personal photographs. Anne from Seeing Design turned a vintage find into personalized wall art. She skipped the traditional posed photos and instead collaged her favorite candid snapshots that make her smile.
  9. Sheet Music

    Photo by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams / The Nest
    The space above a couch can be a challenge to fill. Large art can often cost an arm and a leg, so why not channel your inner Mozart and decorate with musical notes -- especially if you’re a musician or even just a music lover! This one’s straight from the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams catalog, but feel free to compose your own arrangements.
  10. Mementos

    Photo by Young House Love / The Nest
    Young House Love wanted to “wallpaper” their hallway walls with personalized DIY art instead of pricey wallpaper. They framed sentimental keepsakes like fortune cookie fortunes, family photos and even some pretty nontraditional items like a handkerchief and some keys.