DIY This Jewelry Board to Keep Your Bling Organized

A DIY jewelry board is best to show-off your jewelry while keeping it organized.

Tidy up your jewelry display with this pretty DIY jewelry board that's completely customizable (Read: make it whatever size you want!). This simple project will allow you to show-off your jewelry in the most organized of ways.

DIY Jewelry Board Supplies

What You'll Need:

  • Wooden board cut to desired size (can be done at the local hardware store)
  • Cork board
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Hammer (if needed to enforce staples)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Regular scissors or rotary cutter (for cutting cork board)
  • Clothes pins
  • Spray paint
  • Flat tacks
  • Super glue
  • Buttons, faux flowers, or any other objects for push pin fronts

DIY Jewelry Board Step 1

Step 1: Figure out the dimensions for your board and have it cut to size at your local hardware store (here we used a board cut 14" x 18" but you can use whatever dimensions work for your space). Cut a piece of cork (or two if needed) to the same dimensions.

DIY Jewelry Board Step 2

Step 2: With the cork cut to size on the board, staple in place with a staple gun. Use the hammer to further hammer down the staples if needed to keep them flush with the cork.

DIY Jewelry Board Step 3

Step 3: Cut 1 piece of batting and 1 piece of fabric approximately 4-6 inches wider than the board. This will give you enough fabric and batting to cover the edges and pull around the back of the board. Staple in place with the staple gun. The best method is to start by stapling in the center of each side and pull taught as you continue to staple towards to corners (much like upholstering a chair seat). This will finish the board part of the project.

DIY Jewelry Board Step 4

Step 4: To create the clothes pin holders, take a few clothes pins completely apart and spray paint them. Let dry according to the time listed on the back of the bottle.

DIY Jewelry Board Step 5

Step 5: While the clothes pins are drying, use super glue to glue flowers or buttons to the tops of the flat tacks. Let dry in place for the amount of time indicated on the back of the bottle of super glue.

DIY Jewelry Board Step 6

Step 6: Lastly, once the clothes pins are dry, super glue those to the flat tacks as well (attach in the center of the pin) and let dry.

DIY Jewelry Board

Arrange clothes pins in a horizontal line to hold rows of necklaces and bracelets. Or spread them out around the board in a different pattern to match the lengths of the jewelry you are using. Use the flower and button pins to add a little pop of color or to hold more delicate necklaces. The best part? The pins are moveable and can be used in various ways around the board! Once you're done organizing your bling, simply prop the board up against the wall on your dresser or add hanging wire on back to hang up on the wall.

DIY Jewelry Board

DIY Jewelry Board


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