Do-It-Yourself Wall Art

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Create a one-of-a-kind wall statement for a fraction of the price. Here's how!
  1. Haute Headboard

    Photo by Quentin Bacon

    No space or cash for a traditional headboard? Craft your own mini-stretch canvases with bold, solid fabrics. For the final touch, arrange them in a graphic grid formation above your bed.

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  2. Stylish Scraps

    Ever wonder what to do with all those extra scraps of wallpaper and fabric you have lying around? Frame them! Lean 'em against the wall for a casual-chic look.

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  3. Old-School Style

    Transform a drab wall into a fab (and practical) entryway. Apply a coat of magnetic chalkboard paint to the wall and draw a supersized calendar. Bonus: It can double as a fun "to-dos" board or a great menu space for dinner parties.

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  4. At-Home Art Gallery

    Who says you need a gazillion different pieces of art? Find a series of similar images (even photos from a trip) and show them off in monochromatic frames.

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  5. Canvas Chic

    Pick up a large fabric stretcher and some fun fabric (look for bright and bold prints). Stretch the fabric over the frame and secure with a staple gun for a customized yet inexpensive statement piece.

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  6. Gift-Wrapped Walls

    Fake wallpaper with wrapping paper! Select an assortment of patterns and decide how you want to lay them out. With a pencil, lightly sketch your scheme on the wall and simply glue the cutouts to the wall.

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  7. Magnet-ficent Mood Board

    Everyone needs a little creative inspiration in their home office. Apply a coat of magnetic paint to the wall, add a coat of your favorite color, and attach postcards and colorful notes with magnetic tacks.

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  8. Styles That Stick

    Wall stickers are an easy way to create an eye-catching mural. Tip: Test different arrangements by taping the decal to the wall in its packaging before you commit and stick.

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