DIY These Wire Baskets for All Your Storage Needs

DIY these simple wire baskets for an easy way to tidy up around the house.

It's spring cleaning season and great storage options may be at a premium, especially in a smaller house or apartment. Wire baskets are a great solution to store anything from craft supplies to dresser top odds and ends but can cost a pretty penny. Save money by easily making your own out of galvanized fencing wire from your local hardware store. Best of all, you can create your baskets in any size to fit your storage needs!

DIY wire basket supplies

What You'll Need:

  • Galvanized wire fencing
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wide flat head pliers
  • Metal file
  • Awl
  • Small piece of leather
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing scissors
  • Marker (not shown)
  • Sample box for size scale


DIY wire basket step 1

Step 1: Start by measuring and marking out your wire basket size. It is helpful if you use a sample box to approximate the size. Measure and mark all 4 sides and the bottom of the sample box on the wire.

DIY wire basket step 2

Step 2: Cut your wire off the roll down to the square size you will need for the basket using your wire cutters. This will make it much easier to maneuver.

DIY wire basket step 3

Step 3: To make the basket you will need a plus sign shape. You will need to cut out a square from each corner. You will want to clearly mark each of these corners to cut out.

DIY wire basket step 4

Step 4: When cutting out the corners from the square, you will need to leave on side with the prongs exposed to wrap up the basket.

DIY wire basket step 5

Step 5: Cut the rest of the corners out of the square and bend the 4 sides upwards to create the basket shape. Use a table edge to make your folds in the wire.

DIY wire basket step 6

Step 6: Using your file, file down the cuts at the edge of the basket to keep from poking yourself during the next step. This will also prevent snags on fabrics or anything else you place in your basket once finished.

DIY wire basket step 7

Step 7: With your pliers, bend the prongs around each corner to keep the basket together.

DIY wire basket step 8

Step 8: Using the wide flat head pliers, flatten down the bent prongs around each corner to finish off the basket portion of this project.

DIY wire basket step 9

Step 9: To add leather handles to your baskets (optional), start by cutting a few small thin rectangular strips of leather in proportion to your basket size.

DIY wire basket step 10

Step 10: Use the awl to place 4 small holes in the shape of a square at the end of each strip of leather.

DIY wire basket step 11

Step 11: Using your embroidery thread and needle, sew the leather handle to one side of the basket in a cross stitch.

DIY wire basket step 12

Finish up the handles on both sides of the basket to complete the project! Stuff your basket with supplies and get tidying!

DIY wire basket with leather handles

Look how organized you are now!

DIY wire baskets

Shown without the leather handles for a more minimalist look.

Photography by Chelsea Mohrman

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