Chocolate Bunny Alternatives -- Grown-Up Easter Treats!

When you were a kid, one thing was crucial to your Easter basket: the chocolate bunny. Opt for a more grown-up take with these delicious treats (don’t worry, it’s still chocolate!).
  1. Elegant Eggs

    Available in gift boxes filled with 5 to 50 pieces (yes, 50) and with rich flavors like white raspberry and Tahitian caramel, consider the “Easter egg” reinvented in the form of these gourmet chocolate goodies.

    5- to 50-piece gift boxes, $13-$95,

  2. Antique Eggs

    Reminiscent of antique chocolate egg molds, Vosges’ Haut-Chocolat organic peanut butter bonbon eggs are both beautiful and delicious -- five eggs come in a purple box, great for sharing (or not).

    Box of 5, $22,

  3. Spring Favorites

    These milk-chocolate cubes are filled with peanut butter and roasted peanut bits. Chocolate and peanut butter? Say no more.

    Small box of 8 pieces, $6.50,

  4. Spring Truffles

    No cheesy springtime relics here: Bunnies and chicks are replaced with smooth chocolate in cool flavors like green tea and sea salt vanilla caramel.

    4-piece box, $11,

  5. Artisan Truffles

    These Coco A caramel truffles are made in San Francisco and feature interesting flavors such as smoked sea salt, sage and cayenne pepper -- giving this indulgence a little bit of kick (literally).

    9-piece box, $26.50,

  6. Boozy Bunnies

    These candies are inspired by classic cocktails like piña coladas, mint juleps and mudslides. If you insist on a chocolate rabbit, this is the way to go!

    4-piece box, $18,

  7. Retro Candy Bars

    Go old-school with the classic candy bar in surprising flavors like Mexican Style Cinn-Chili and Salt & Pepper. (They have “regular” chocolate too.) Fun fact: This Nashville chocolate company is a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow!

    Single bar, $6, and gift tin with 5 bars, $33.50,

  8. Customized Chocolate Bars

    Chocomize lets you customize your own chocolate bar -- picking the base (milk, dark, white) and up to five toppings (everything from candy to gold flakes). Nothing says grown-up like making your own choices, right?

    Customized bar, $4 (toppings $0.40 to $3.25 extra),

  9. Color-block Bars

    These delicious creations are as pretty as they are yummy. Neapolitan, strawberry and tangerine are all fun takes on the traditional “chocolate” bar.

    Single bar, $5-$10,