Make Your Own Trendy Tassel Throw Blanket

Giant Tassel Throw Blanket DIY
Photo: Bre Purposed
Transform your favorite throw with these DIY statement tassels

Tassels and poms poms are having a moment, especially when it comes to home decor. Not only are they just plain fun, they add dimension and texture that instantly feels more exciting. If you've been wanting to try out this trend while saving a few bucks, this oh-so-easy DIY Giant Tassel Throw Blanket is worth checking out.

DIY Tassel Throw Blanket

What You'll Need:

  • Throw blanket
  • Yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Needle
  • Thread

Tassel Throw Blanket DIY

Making The Tassels

Step 1: Wrap your yarn around your cardboard. I wrapped mine 30 times to make sure they were nice and full.
Step 2: Cut a short piece of string and slide it under your yarn.
Step 3: Push that piece of yarn up to the top of the cardboard and tie a loose knot.
Step 4: Cut the bottom of the yarn all the way across to free it from the cardboard.
Step 5: Tighten your knot at the top.
Step 6: Take two more shorter pieces of yarn and wrap them around your tassel 1 and 2 inches down from the top.
Step 7: Cut the excess yarn off.
Step 8: Repeat until you have as many tassels as you need!

DIY Tassel Blanket

The next step is attaching them to the blanket. Spread the blanket out on the ground and made marks with some tape for where you'd want to attach your tassels.

DIY Giant Tassel Throw Blanket

Sew them onto the blanket, making sure to secure them well.

DIY Tassel Throw Blanket

Once they are attached, you're done!

DIY Tassel Throw Blanket

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