You Can Finally Breathe Easy, Thanks to These 10 Eco-Friendly Paints

If you’re refreshing your interior for spring, it’s time to be a little kinder to your health and the environment with eco-friendly paint. These 10 options offer the coverage, colors and durability of premium conventional paints but without any of the harsh chemicals and residues.
  1. YOLO Colorhouse

    Photo by Yolo Colorhouse
    Hailing from an eco-mecca in the Northwest, this Portland, Oregon-based brand delivers premium, no-VOC (volatile organic compound), water-based paints with low odor, no harmful chemicals and no added solvents. YOLO also offers helpful palettes to make the color-choosing process easier. We particularly love its Earth’s color collection for a modern take on naturally occurring hues.

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  2. Natura by Benjamin Moore

    Photo by Benjamin Moore
    This paint powerhouse is now offering a virtually odorless, self-priming product, which delivers zero emissions and is both durable and washable. Available in thousands of colors with an eggshell or semigloss finish, this paint is perfect for any project you can dream up. 

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  3. Marston & Langinger

    Photo by Marston & Langinger
    UK-based Marston & Langinger developed these water-based, nontoxic, nonflammable and practically odorless paints after they found that most on the market were too toxic to use in the greenhouses their company is famous for. With 72 shades available in matte and eggshell for interiors and furniture, this paint is the ideal pick-me-up for a sunroom or porch.

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  4. Devine Color

    Photo by Devine
    To help home owners tackle smaller DIY decorating projects with style and ease, Devine Color has created a new collection of 12 interior paint colors, offered alongside a selection of six coordinated, self-adhesive wallpaper patterns. The line also features “smart” sizes, including 8-ounce samples and a 2.5-liter can, which makes purchasing the right paint quantities for small jobs, like accent walls, trim and craft projects, economical and stress-free.

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  5. Farrow & Ball

    Photo by Farrow & Ball
    Farrow & Ball’s water-based formula offers low-VOC paint made from natural pigments and ingredients, including china clay, lime putty and linseed oil. Used in historic houses and museums across the UK, these rich and sumptuous colors are ideal for more artistic projects, like painting patterns on your floors or stairs.

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  6. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company

    Photo by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company
    Not sure what to do with that fabulous flea market find? Refinish it with milk paint, which uses casein, or milk protein, as a binder, making this product both organic and biodegradable, as well as offering an old-world, historic look.

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  7. YOLO Colorhouse

    Photo by Mythic Paint
    This self-priming, zero-VOC, nontoxic, low-odor paint is offered in over 1,000 colors, and in matte, satin and semigloss finishes. Mythic performs like premium paint, but it’s slightly less expensive than other eco-friendly versions. Consider this for big jobs, like a multiple-room makeover.

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  8. ECO by Fine Paints of Europe

    Photo by Fine Paints of Europe
    If you’re painting interior or exterior woodwork like windows, doors, trim, siding, cabinets or shutters, we suggest ECO. This waterborne alkyd paint is easy to apply and weather-resistant, but also provides enhanced adhesion, opacity and the beautiful finish associated with traditional oil-based paints.

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  9. Green Planet Paints

    Photo by Green Planet Paints
    Formulated using plant-based raw materials and mineral pigments, Green Planet Paints claims its product is so safe and natural you could bathe in it. The result is a zero-VOC, sustainable paint that is tough, durable, long-lasting and easy to apply.

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  10. Stark Paint Interior Waterborne Zero VOC Paint

    Photo by Stark Paint
    Stark’s interior paint is a water-based, zero-VOC paint, offered in colors by British designer David Oliver. All colors are available in three finishes: velvet emulsion (flat), porcelain shell (eggshell), and lacquer gloss (semigloss). If you love Stark’s sophisticated and stylish carpets, fabrics and wallcoverings, we suggest this elegant paint.

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