Eddie Ross Bedroom Revamp

A top designer gave one lucky couple's boring bedroom a fresh, new look on the cheap.
  1. Photo by David A. Land

    Eddie Ross is known for his ability to spot diamond-in-the-rough pieces at flea markets and thrift shops. Even better -- he's full of innovative ideas for how to spruce them up to make them work in any space. Ross shared some of his favorite how-to tips with Jill and Craig Logan, a couple who were completely stumped when it came to decorating their bedroom.

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  2. Light Touch

    Photo by David A. Land

    This pair of lamps was a great vintage find for just $12. "I loved the shape of these ginger jar lamps," Eddie recalls. "They're from the '70s, but new black shades updated them."

  3. How to Rehab Retro Lamps

    Photo by David A. Land

    Purchase wiring kits at a home improvement store, and rewire lamps according to the package instructions (trust us: This is really easy!). To spruce up store-bought shades, use a hot glue gun, and add ribbon banding at the top and bottom. Then clean up any brass accents with steel wool, prime them with Zinsser primer, and apply a top coat of paint.

  4. Bed Head

    Photo by David A. Land

    Eddie backed this junk shop headboard with an upholstered piece of wood for a total of $32. "This works on any open headboard," he says. "It makes the piece feel modern."

  5. How to Upgrade Your Bed

    Photo by David A. Land

    Scrub the headboard with steel wool to get off any rust or surface dirt. Measure the headboard, and at a lumber yard, get a thin wood board cut to those dimensions. Layer batting over the wood, wrap fabric around the board and then affix it to the back side with a staple gun. Drill pilot holes on each side of the headboard, and then screw on the upholstered board with a drill.

  6. Table Time

    Photo by David A. Land

    It can be better to buy sturdy antique pieces and paint them than to buy new. White paint and mirror tops show off the shape of these $20 side tables.

  7. How to Create Cool Nightstands

    Photo by David A. Land

    Dust off any dirt, and rub the entire piece with steel wool. This roughs up the surface so the primer and paint will adhere. Then prime with a shellac-based primer such as Zinsser (don't skip this step or the stain will show through the paint). Cover the entire piece with semi-gloss paint; let dry and apply a second coat. For a faux-bois finish, like on the smaller two nesting tables, use a wood grain tool (paint stores carry them) to roll a contrasting color on top. For a glam top, make a paper template of the tabletop, and take it to a glass shop to have a mirror cut. Have the shop grind the edges so they're not sharp.

  8. Cheapo Chandelier

    Photo by David A. Land

    Nearly every thrift shop you walk into has an old brass chandelier or two. Scoop one up for a few bucks. Even though it might be hard to see the potential at first, there's a lot of life left in it.

  9. How to Update a Chandelier

    Photo by David A. Land

    Carefully take apart the chandelier and clean it to get off any dust or grime. Put cotton balls inside the candlestick sockets (so you don't get paint in them), and remove the hanging crystals. Give the chandelier an even coat of spray paint (Ross used bright red). Hang all of the crystals on a wire hanger, and spray paint them as well (Ross used white). Wait for everything to dry, and put it back together. Finish with clip-on shades. Can't find black ones like Ross used? Buy white ones at a craft store, and spray paint each shade black.

  10. Meet the Couple

    Photo by David A. Land

    Jill Logan, 27 and an event planner, and husband Craig Logan, 32 and a web developer, were thrilled with the results of their made-over master bedroom. The advice they want to share? "Use your imagination," says Jill. "And don't be afraid to mix lots of colors and styles -- your room will be more your own."