Emily Henderson Shares Her Tips on Shopping for Vintage Finds

Photo: Tessa Neustadt
Emily Henderson teamed up with vintage marketplace Chairish to curate her top picks from world famous Round Top Antiques Fair.

Are you a big vintage and antique enthusiast? Have you always dreamed about attending Round Top Antiques Fair but can't make the trek to Texas? Chairish has a solution for you. Emily Henderson, girl boss and super talented interior designer is teaming up with Chairish, the premier online vintage furniture and decor marketplace to feature her top 30 picks from Round Top, as well as 125 vintage Round Top-inspired pieces. And better yet, the sale goes live today! Emily also shared her tips and tricks on shopping at flea markets and what trends she sees popping up in home decor this year. Check it out.

Why did you choose Round Top? What do you particularly like about it?

“I went to Round Top years ago and had so much fun meeting the people, shopping the tents, and enjoying the festivities. Ever since then, I have been dying to go back. Every year, whether it be family, work commitments, or scheduling conflicts, something has always prevented me from going. However, this year, we are making it happen and I can't wait to bring the entire EHD team out there to shop it with me. Round Top is by far one of the best known markets with miles and miles of junk, treasures, and everything in between. I can't wait to browse through it all, hopefully bringing back some new loot."

How often do you travel to flea markets or shows like this? Which ones are your favorites?

“I typically never get the opportunity to go to flea markets or shows that aren't local, which is why I am so excited about this one. Local to LA, I have always loved the Rose Bowl, but have also found some great finds at the Pasadena City College Market, as well as the Long Beach Market."

What do you predict will be the hottest design trends this year?

“I am channeling my inner country girl this year, as I am looking for a few special pieces to bring into our recently renovated English country home. I think this year people are really investing in quality pieces that have simple and refined construction, an authentic feel, and are antique. After the influx of faux industrial, shabby chic, and antique, people are ready to see authentic and antique pieces in their decor that are inspired by those classic styles."

What are you on the hunt for at Round Top?

“I never say never to a good seascape, leather chair, vintage art, or miniatures. I am also looking for some vintage dining chairs for my house, some larger scale art to fill my walls, a few accessories for the kids' rooms, as well as any vintage textiles that I can get my hands on to make pillows out of."

What do you typically shop for when attending flea markets or antique shows? Is there one find that you secretly keep your eyes open for?

“It really depends on the client who I am buying for and the specific purpose of the trip. However, art is something that is so easy to hoard, so if I find a good piece, I will always snag it. “

These big flea markets/antique shows are huge and can be overwhelming to novice vintage shoppers. What's your advice for shopping for vintage at antique shows? (i.e. comfortable shoes, carry small bills, walk-away if you don't like the price, or snag it if it really speaks to you, find out if you need to bring a cart or can bring a cart, in advance, etc)

“My biggest advice is to browse for larger items first and then circle back to look through the smaller items. Big ticket items always go fast, as they are the first to be seen, so if you see something you love in the moment, grab it. Also, remember to look at shape, scale, and size, rather than finish or color. You can easily paint, reupholster, or refinish items, but you can't change the shape. I recommend looking for good bones and don't be deterred by old upholstery or a bad paint color."