Emily Henderson Shares the One Thing You Should Always Do Before Bed

We chatted with the home guru and Air Wick spokeswoman to find out how she preps her home for spring.

Get rid of things—plain and simple.

The best way to make your home feel clean and refreshed? Toss that junk you don't use or need. “We just moved and we just downsized, so I did a huge purge about 6 months ago, but I would say typically I'm a huge purger regardless," Henderson says. She also recommends tackling spring cleaning by doing one cabinet or cupboard a day instead of just trying to do it all on weekend.

Divide the duties.

“My husband and I try to go to bed with a really clean house, which means after we put the kids down, we end up cleaning. Our friend told us once, one of you put the kids down, and one of you clean, so we take turns," she says.

Swap out accessories

Put away those heavy faux fur and knit blankets. “Textiles are the fastest way to make your house feel cozy. Stripping one layer off and just lightening up some of those layers helps a lot. I eliminate as much stuff on surfaces and try to use things that make it feel easy and casual. For the bed, I switch out heavier quilts for lighter pieces like sateen or linen," Henderson says. She also recommends putting a different throw blanket on the back of the sofa to instantly transform the look of your living room.