Countdown to Memorial Day: The Best BBQ Decorations

memorial day candles

Memorial Day, often known as the kickoff to summer, is the perfect time to host your first barbecue of the season. You've got the food, the guest list, and the drinks, but what about the decorations?

Try adding a patriotic punch to the event for added flair. Check out these fab finds from Etsy to ensure your backyard bash is a hit.

  1. Sweet Centerpiece

    sweet, desserts, dessert, holiday, holidaze, memorial day, lollipop, lollipops, bbq, barbecue
    Photo by myknapsackdreams, Etsy

    These 13 tissue paper lollipop holders ($13.50, sit in a flag-wrapped base, making it a fun and festive centerpiece pick for your party.

  2. Drink Stirrers

    drinks, drink, drink stirrers, holidays, holidaze, memorial day, barbeque, bbq
    Photo by partypaperscissors, Etsy

    For a Southern twist, serve drinks in Mason jars and include whimsical drink stirrers ($8 for 12, for a pop of color in every cup.

  3. American Flag Wreath

    holidays, holidaze, memorial day, summer, decor, entertaining, wreath
    Photo by peonyplush, Etsy

    Use an American flag yarn wreath ($30, to welcome guest at your front or back door.

  4. Candles

    candles, candle, entertaining, memorial day, holidays, holiday, holidaze
    Photo by Sawdust Market, Etsy

    Block candles ($28 for both, in simple designs give a hint of the holiday while still being subtle enough to use all season.

  5. Cupcake Toppers

    memorial day, holiday, holidays, holidaze, barbecue, cupcakes, cupcake, baking
    Photo by nshebertPaperCrafts, Etsy

    These cupcake toppers ($2 for a set of 24, are made from scrapbook paper. Stars, stripes, and gingham forever!

  6. Patriotic Wooden Cutlery

    cutlery, silverware, backyard, barbecue, memorial day, holiday, holidaze
    Photo by SoMuchToCelebrate, Etsy

    These fork, knife, and spoon bundles ($10 for 12 sets of cutlery, will make your BBQ a star-studded soiree.