The 4 Laws of Facebooking for Couples

Here's some rules for facebook that will help keep you from being banished to the couch:

Be careful with poking

Poking is a simple click that lets someone know...well...that you poked them. It's weirdly exciting to get a poke, but it can quickly escalate. Say you poke someone of the opposite sex just to say hello. They can SuperPoke! you back (thus goading you to add on the application) with a sexier “Goose," which looks pretty slimy to your spouse if they see it on your page.

Don't auto-accept a friend request

Sure, it's flattering when someone adds you to their list. But just because they want to friend you doesn't mean you have to accept. Once a person becomes a friend, they can try to friend your friends. If that happens, not even defriending them will help.

Keep a low profile

Facebook lets you make a dossier of where you work, what you like and where you were Saturday night. But do you want everyone in the Facebookiverse seeing you and your spouse dressed as an electrical outlet and plug on Halloween? Consider a “limited profile" for casual friends.

Skip the less-than-savory extras

Some sexier applications are dedicated to adding “Hotties," sending come-ons or rating cuteness. If you add these, watch out: You've entered a digital minefield. Send a hug! Oh, yes, I've been hugged! One day, a stranger sent me a footsie. No, she didn't literally run her leg up my hairy calf, but it was still pushing it, so I defriended her right then—I'd already learned my lesson from HotPants.