10 Cocktails You Need to Make This Fall

Who needs margaritas when there's mulled cider and maple old fashioned's on the menu?

Mains and sides aren't the only way to make the most of seasonal ingredients — incorporating fall flavors into your favorite cocktails is the perfect way to get into the new-season spirit. While we love a good margarita, mulling spices, pumpkin and apple cider are calling our names. Here, we've pulled together a few of our favorite tried-and-true fall libations, plus a few new creations that will make you wish that it was autumn year-round — well, almost.


1. Apple Cider Hot Toddy: Made with lemon, cloves, honey, cinnamon and brandy, this cool weather favorite and old-fashioned remedy is the ultimate warming drink.


2. Fall Red Wine Sangria: Strictly for summertime? We think not. With a few simple seasonal tweaks (like the addition of brandy, apple cider and cinnamon), this red wine sangria is perfectly fit for fall.


3. Pumpkin Spice Cocktail: We're all about pumpkin spice everything once Labor Day hits and we're not just talking lattes and pastries. This booze-infused beverage only has three ingredients, but is anything but short on flavor.


4. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whisky/Adventures in Cooking: Delicious, comforting, and cozy is what this libation is all about. If you're not a big whisky fan, we promise you will be after just one sip.

(Photo via Adventures in Cooking)


5. Mulled Wine/Gimme Some Oven: Fall without mulled wine is like summer without sun — it just isn't right. Incredibly easy to make it home, you can whip up a batch on the stove top in 20 minutes or add all of the ingredients to your slow cooker and let it work its magic.

(Photo via Gimme Some Oven)


6. Vanilla, Pear and Vodka Cocktail/Two Tarts: If anyone can pull together a killer cocktail, it's Dulcie and Sarah, the masterminds behind Two Tarts. They definitely didn't disappoint with this one, crafting a creation that captures the essence of autumn in liquid form.

(Photo via Two Tarts)


7. Pear Thyme Fizz/Camille Styles: This is one recipe you'll want to whip out year round. Fresh thyme, a herb that goes perfectly with hearty dishes and roasts, adds depth to the fizzy, fruity concoction, while giving it an undeniable autumnal twist.

(Photo via Camille Styles)


8. Brown Butter Spiced Ale/A Pug in the Kitchen via Food52: Like a warm hug, this rich, spiced drink is the ideal remedy for a chilly winter night.

(Photo via Food52)


9. Apple Cider Margaritas/Cookie + Kate: OK, so we did say that we were totally fine with saying goodbye to margaritas in order to embrace fall's delicious flavors, but we lied a little. We have Cookie + Kate to blame with this autumnal interpretation of the warm-weather classic.

(Photo via Cookie + Kate)


10. Maple-Cardamom Old Fashioned/Julie via Food52: An update on the timeless old fashioned, this maple and cardamom-infused cocktail is the perfect fireside companion.

(Photo via Food52)


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