10 Fall Cookbooks You Need In Your Kitchen Now

Get excited about fall flavors with these new and tried-and-true recipe collections.

Sure, we might have been guzzling down oysters left and right all summer long, but summer has a habit of wreaking havoc on the appetite, as in it practically decimates it. For foodies everywhere, this is problematic, because fasting? Well, we're just not fans. Come fall, our stomachs are empty and we're ready to feast on everything from hearty stews, to freshly baked bread and roasted chicken and veg. For a little culinary inspo, these are the books we'll be looking to all season long, from our favorite standbys to new and exciting reads just hitting stands.


1. Soup of the Day — 365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year: Soups are probably the best thing going anytime of year, but it's 100% our go-to dish once the cold weather hits. Not only does it beat those winter blues in 5 seconds flat, they're fairly inexpensive and easy to make, which of course we love. William-Sonomas's Soup of the Day is the be all end all of cookery books when it comes to soup, offering 365 mouth-watering recipes for every season and occasion.


2. Bien Cuit: The Art of Making Bread: Forget that whole no carbs thing. Life's too short not to enjoy fresh-baked bread now and again, especially when whipped up with your own two hands. If the sense of accomplishment you get from creating the perfect loaf isn't quite enough to spark a bread-making adventure, just think of how much better all those fabulous soups and stews you'll be slurping up this season will taste when paired with a piping hot piece of bread. Renowned baker Zachary Golper provides his insider secrets for creating artisanal breads that will have even the most novice of chefs churning out loaves that rival the local boulangerie in no time.


3. A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus: Menus and Stories: From harissa-rubbed lamb to roasted chicken with preserved lemon and capers and molasses spice cake, James Beard nominated chef Renee Erickson delivers plenty of seasonal dishes and menus that are sure to shake up dinner (something that is always welcome at our tables).


4. The Yellow Table — A Celebration of Everyday Gatherings: Summer soirees might be a thing of the past (at least until next year that is), but that doesn't mean the festivities have to stop there. Anna Watson Carl takes you on an inspired culinary adventure through the seasons, presenting dishes and wine pairings ideal for intimate get-togethers with friends and family, no matter what time of year.


5. The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon: When you need a break from soup and salad, Sara and Hugh Forte have the perfect solution. Dedicated solely to hearty bowls of everything from lentils, vegetables, quinoa and more, this book is packed with dishes that will keep you feeling cozy and warm all season long. One of our favorites? Barbecue tempeh with greens and cauliflower 'couscous.'


6. One Pot Paleo: For us, the less pots, pans and plates we use to prepare a meal the better (sadly, not all of us have the luxury of a dishwasher), which makes One Pot Paleo one of our faves. One-pot cooking doesn't mean cracking a few eggs and calling it a day, this book boasts everything from scrumptious stir-fries (brussels sprouts favorite), to comforting casseroles (no clay pot chicken) and warming soups and stews (easy cioppino) that require little more than a single serving vessel. Mess and stress not included.


7. Taco: Recipes and Provocations: Tacos are one of those effortless and versatile dishes that never get old (can you tell we have a affinity for the south-of-the-border dish?) and can easily adapt to every season. Alex Stupak gives us even more reasons to love the tried-and-true taco with fresh corn and flour tortillas and incredibly flavorful ingredients. These are anything but your average taco.


8. Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel: The end of summer means it's back to real life we go. And if you're anything like us, it also means your sense of wanderlust will be kicking up into high gear. We might not be able to hop on a plane and jet set to exotic, faraway lands, but Heidi Swanson's Near & Far provides a culinary tour of the globe in the comfort of your own home. Fennel stew, brown butter tortelli and saffron tagine are just some of the delicious vegetarian dishes you'll find in its pages, each one using nourishing, whole food ingredients — truly a win win.


9. Slow Fires: Mastering New Ways to Braise, Roast, and Grill: Tips, tricks and techniques that will have you mastering the fine art of roasting, braising and grilling in no time. What does this mean for your kitchen this fall? The perfect meal, every time.


10. My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories: As the bathing suit makes it way back into the closet, the comfort food recipes slowly emerge from their spot in the back of the cupboard. And while we're certainly fans of standbys like mac and cheese, we like our comfort foods with a little more flair. Enter David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen. With dishes like Coq au Vin and wheat berry salad with radicchio, root vegetables and pomegranate, we're more than OK with saying aurevoir to American homestyle cooking this season.


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