7 Hysterical Father’s Day Cards

He’s changed your diapers, let you stay out way past curfew and supported you well into your adult years. For that, he deserves the perfect Father’s Day card.
  1. Dad Draper

    Photo by Seltzer Goods

    Show him he’s still got (some of) that Don Draper swag with this über-cool card.

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  2. Over the Hill

    Photo by Paperless Post

    Somehow, reminding him that he’s over the hill in Old English is less of an insult.

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  3. Independent Women

    Photo by Some eCards

    This piece of paper should hold him over until you can finally afford to pay him back.

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  4. Darth Dad

    Photo by Etsy

    Show him some love by paying homage to his favorite sci-fi film.

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  5. Other Half

    Photo by McBittersons

    Just don’t remind him that you got your good looks from Mom.

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  6. Wallet Woes

    Photo by Card Store

    Just think of it as a thank you for all of those years you were busy spending his hard-earned cash.

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  7. Wrong Turn

    Photo by Card Store

    For those road trips when he was just too stubborn to stop and ask for directions.

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