Instant Upgrade: Our Favorite Natural Cleaning Supplies

Giving your home an eco-friendly spring-cleaning might seem like a challenge at first; you care about the environment and keeping your family healthy, but you also want clean laundry, shiny dishes and a spotless kitchen. To help you achieve all that, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most effective products that get their cleaning power from natural, nontoxic and biodegradable ingredients.
  1. Ava Anderson

    Photo by Ava Anderson
    Concerned from a young age about the chemicals in the products her family was using, Ava Anderson’s mission was to create nontoxic personal and home-care products. Made from ingredients like natural minerals, organic enzymes and soda ash, this progressive line includes an all-purpose glass and surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dish soap and laundry detergent. 

  2. Simply Spotless New York

    Photo by Simply Spotless New York
    This collection of luxurious and naturally derived home-care products includes a wood cleaner, fabric cleaner, glass and surface cleaner and even a hand cleaner. These four products can tackle every mess in your home without unnecessary residue, overwhelming scents or harsh chemicals, and as a bonus they leave a naturally fresh orchid-based scent. 

  3. Fresh Wave

    Photo by Fresh Wave
    Rather than masking bad smells, Fresh Wave products use the power of nature and molecular science to eliminate organic and inorganic odors. With products ranging from a home spray, vacuum pearls and laundry detergent, this innovative line can keep everything from your kitchen counter to your sheets clean. 

  4. Eco Me

    Photo by Eco Me
    With a huge range of products including dish soap, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, granite and marble cleaner, wood polish and toilet bowl cleaner, Eco Me can tackle any mess you can dish up, while scents like herbal mint, lemon fresh and citrus berry will keep you coming back for more. And it offers DIY kits, so you can make your own natural products at home just by mixing ingredients like vinegar, olive oil and baking soda with Eco Me’s essential oils. 

  5. The Laundress

    Photo by The Laundress
    Doing the laundry was never considered an elegant task until now. Each of the Laundress’s products, including a delicate spray, a wool and cashmere shampoo and a denim wash, are specially designed to treat individual fabrics with natural, nontoxic ingredients. Prior to founding the company, the principles polished their business skills at posh fashion houses Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Brooks Brothers. Suffice to say you can trust them with your clothes, but they also offer a complete line of home-cleaning products that are just as luxurious. 

  6. The Honest Company

    Photo by The Honest Company
    In an effort to provide what it describes as not only effective, but also unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient and affordable products, the Honest Company was born. This uber-family-friendly brand’s products, such as laundry detergent, dishwasher gel, dish soap and multipurpose surface spray can power through any household mess. Another great perk is their “bundle” system, which allows you to customize a set of products that will be automatically shipped to you every month.

  7. Charlie’s Soap

    Photo by Charlie’s Soap
    What started as a small-town shop is now a world-class business, but Charlie’s Soap’s mission is still the same: to provide natural and mineral-based cleansers that offer superior cleaning and safety. Try its laundry liquid, laundry powder, kitchen and bath cleanser and surface spray for a high-performance clean that’s safe, all-natural and nontoxic.  

  8. Eco Nuts

    Photo by Eco Nuts
    For a completely different, completely natural technique, drop a few of these nuts (actually dried berries from a Himalayan tree) into your wash. They produce a naturally occurring soap, which gently cleans your clothes, and are reusable for multiple washes. You can also keep the rest of your home spotless with products including a surface cleaner, with a formula based on soap berries and other botanical extracts. It works on practically any surface, including tile, metal, stone, porcelain enamel and chrome.

  9. Better Life

    Photo by Better Life
    Developed by two dads, one of whom is a chemist, this line delivers powerful products with brightly colored packaging and tongue-in-cheek names like “What-EVER” all-purpose cleaner, “I Can See Clearly WOW” glass cleaner and “Take It For Granite” stone surface cleaner. Better Life’s products are plant derived, cruelty-, fragrance-, sulfate- and petroleum-free, and its whimsical packaging will lighten the mood no matter what household chore you’re tackling.

  10. Murchison-Hume

    Photo by Murchison-Hume
    Created by a husband-and-wife team after their youngest son developed allergies to common household cleaners, Murchison-Hume’s products, including an all-surface spray, floor cleaner, glass polish and upholstery cleaner, are made from biodegradable and natural ingredients. And with undeniably stylish packaging, these cleaners not only make your home look great, they look great in your home.