15th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

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Crystal is the traditional material of the 15th anniversary. Watches and timepieces are modern additions. Here’s your complete guide to the 15th wedding anniversary!


1. Crystal champagne glasses: Say cheers to 15 years together!

2. Crystal wine carafe: Go one step further and serve your wine in a beautiful carafe.

3. Crystal wine chiller: Keep the bubbly chilled in a great crystal chiller.

4. Crystal barware: It'll go great with a nice bottle of scotch.

5. Crystal beer glasses: If they're into brewskies, give them engraved beer glasses and a subscription to a beer-of-the-month club.

6. Crystal vase: Give with beautiful flowers and a handwritten note.

7. Crystal serving set: Put out some dessert and wine.

8. Crystal frame: Show off one of your best photos together (we know you have plenty!).

9. Crystal candleholders: Give candleholders and have a romantic candlelit dinner to go along with them.

10. Crystal candelabra: Yeah, we're still sticking with the fancy candlelit dinner.

11. Crystal wine holder: For the vino-loving spouse.

12. Crystal ornament: If your anniversary falls around the holidays, give your spouse a gift that you can hang on the tree.

13. Trip to Crystal River, Florida: Have a little fun on your anniversary. You can snorkel and take a manatee tour!

14. Crystal Mountain, Washington: Stay at a resort and go skiing!

15. Crystal Cruises: Yep, take a cruise to celebrate your 15thanniversary.

16. Crystal wine stopper: Pair this with a classic vintage wine (or a bit of bubbly!).

17. Crystal jewelry: A pendant would make a great crystal-themed present.

18. Crystal bookends: A perfect gift alongside the first edition of his favorite book or one signed by the author.

19. Crystal ring holder: Add a little extra bling to this gift, if you know what we're saying.

20. Crystal chandelier: C'mon, we had to put it on here.


21. Wall clock: Many come with a place to put a photo, and you can get it engraved with cute details, like your wedding date.

22. Gold watch: Get the back engraved with your initials.

23. Sport/waterproof watch: For the more athletic types, this purchase is both stylish and practical.

24. Fashion watch: For those looking for something for everyday wear.

25. Pocket watch: Give a pocket watch with a cute inscription like “Forever" or “Time with you is even better."

26. Stopwatch and running shoes: If they're active, fitness equipment and a membership to that fancy gym they've been wanting to join would make their day.

27. Alarm clock: You know, so he doesn't have to keep using his phone.

28. Trip to a special spot: Give the gift of time by spending it with your loved one at a place that connected you in the past (a first date restaurant, perhaps?).

29. Subscription to Time mag: Pair it with a fun trip to a history museum or Washington, DC.

30. Trip to NYC for New Year's Eve: Count down the last minutes of the year and watch the ball drop!

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.

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