5th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

wooden spoon with spice
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Wood – which represents strength, solidity and warmth – are the traditional material of the fifth anniversary. Silverware is a modern addition. Here are is your complete guide to the fifth wedding anniversary.


1. Wooden clock: A hand-carved artisan clock is perfect for a spouse who likes to support small-business crafters. Try Etsy.com!

2. Plaque: World ping pong champ? Two-time marathoner? Have your spouse's crowning achievement mounted on a plaque for posterity.

3. Cutting board: A top-notch cutting board – one made from bamboo, perhaps? – or another cool cooking tool.

4. Photo frame: A wooden frame holding a meaningful photo is a true blue keepsake.

5. Jewelry box: There's something rustic about a wooden jewelry box – try filling it with some funky wooden bangles.

6. Game set: Whether it's bowling, chess, backgammon or croquet, a handsome wooden game set is a fun toy for your anniversary!

7. Barrel-aged whiskey: Do you research and score something delicious for the whiskey aficionado in your life.

8. Antique furniture: A furniture fan will appreciate a work that's full of history – just like your relationship.

9. Autographed baseball bat: This should be a hit for the sports lover you love!

10. Carved wooden sculpture: Present a gorgeous piece of art to the love of your life.

11. A stroll on the boardwalk: A more conceptual take on the theme of wood, this one has romance written all over it.

12. Wood-encased dart board: A perfect addition to the man cave.

13. Initials carved into a tree: How sweet! Celebrate your anniversary like you're kids again.

14. Household plant or tree: A favorite plant will fill your home with life and love.

15. Fishing rod: Would your sweetie rather be fishing? Make that daydream a reality.

16. Valet: A stylish place to rest his valuables.

17. Treasure chest: Let your imagination run wild and fill a chest with all of your spouse's most treasured items.

18. Barbecue tools: Ideal for the household grill master.

19. Wooden jewelry: Let your sweetie make a style statement in offbeat wooden baubles.

20. Desk set: A handsome desk set for your handsome other half.

Silverware (Stainless, pewter)

21. Flatware: For a significant other who loves to entertain, opt for service for 12!

22. Engraved silver serving piece: Engrave a serving tray or a silver vase with a love quote and the date of your anniversary.

23. Heavy-gauge cookware: Got a spouse who spends more time in the kitchen than anywhere else? Arm him with the tools he needs.

24. Stainless barware: A sophisticated way to prepare anniversary cocktails.

25. Fancy cork screw: Some of these are so tricked out, they're gifts unto themselves. Of course, a bottle of red or champers couldn't hurt.

26. Engraved silver champagne flutes: And something to sip out of…

27. Silver jewelry: You really can't go wrong (unless your significant other is into yellow gold).

28. Silver watch: A fancy showpiece your spouse can gaze at daily.

29. Silver cuff links: Make him look dapper every day.

30. Silver tray to serve breakfast in bed: A romantic gesture that never goes out of style.

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