Food Trend: Sweet Treats...In a Jar?

desserts in a jar
Founder Dani Beckerman from JARS by Dani gives us the scoop on this sweet food trend.

Forget bite-sized cupcakes and bottomless fro yo -- right now we're sort of obsessed with jars. Specifically, jars packed with everything from fresh cake to sweet caramel (with some chocolate chips thrown in for good measure). Not only are they portable and easy to eat, but jarred desserts are so pint-sized, it's practically frowned upon if you stop at just one. To get the scoop on our new favorite indulgence, we spoke with the queen of jarred treats herself -- JARS by Dani founder Dani Beckerman:

Where did the inspiration behind Jars by Dani come from?

Dani Beckerman: I moved to the city immediately after graduating – I couldn't wait another minute! I spent a year taking a few more pre-med courses and working towards applying to some program in the medical field. I then very spontaneously decided to switch career paths and go to culinary school! In the middle of my program I started JARS. I've always loved mixing a million different foods together. I saw the jars in an arts and crafts store and thought it would be a great way to make my usual concoctions actually look pretty!

What is the most difficult aspect to your job?

DB: I run a startup, so I'm on 24/7. It involves crazy amounts of work and that's definitely the most difficult aspect, but also the most thrilling.

What's the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business?

DB: When I actually stop for a minute and see the progress the company has made. I went from working out of my tiny kitchen in my apartment to renting a space to finally having my own kitchen. It's extremely rewarding knowing you have built something from nothing.

Your usual breakfast:

DB: Usually it's multiple cups of coffee and fruit.

Guilty pleasure:

DB: Dry Bar blow outs. A glass of wine while someone else is washing your hair? I'm addicted.

Kitchen utensil you can't live without:

DB: My big electric mixers. I started off whipping everything by hand, so I don't think I'll ever stop appreciating them!

Last meal on Earth:

DB: Easy: Sushi with JARS for dessert

Recipe you cherish:

DB: My mom's chicken soup -- it heals all.

( the mood for something sweet? Get the recipes for the desserts above here -- like cardamom pear crisps, mini pumpkin cheesecakes and classic apple pies.)

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