Friends With an Ex: OK or Total Trouble?

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Having a friend of the opposite sex isn't such a big deal, even if you're married. But if that friend is an ex, things can get a little more…complicated. Just look at Addison and Sam on Private Practice. The exes work together and live next door to each other. They're each dating other co-workers, and they're still friends (er, sort of) to the chagrin of their new loves.

Would you be able to deal if your partner had an ex like Addison? Here's what other Nesties had to say about being friends with an ex.

I think a lot of men and women still have feelings for their “first love" and may never get over it, the difference is that most people, out of respect for who they do decide to marry/date in the future, move on anways, feelings or not and CHOOSE not to act on their feelings for other people.


I personally don't care if guys are still friends with exes, but you should be included in that friendship.


I'm usually a huge proponent of the idea that exes can be friends. Both H and I are good friends with some of ours. But we don't HIDE stuff, which is the biggest issue.


Men and women can be friends…even if they're exes. But as your relationships become more serious (the new bf or gf, the new spouse), those opposite sex friends that you depended on to supplement your “semi" fulfilling previous relationships should start to fade into the background. When they don't, you're still depending on them to fulfill something that your current partner/relationship is lacking. And no amount of force will change that.


Share your thoughts! Is it okay to remain friends with an ex? Does your partner stay close with his or her former flames?

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