Genevieve Gorder’s Top Tips to Create a Smart Home

The home is where the heart is, right? However, if you love all things tech, a smart home is an even quicker way to make the heart grow fonder. We sought out the expert tips from Genevieve Gorder so you can create a smart home on a budget.

What do you consider the top 5 affordable necessities for a smart home?

1.A smartphone to control your entire home (and life!)

2.A smart TV. Gorder says, “You'll have On Demand, online capabilities and apps under one remote."

3.A smart thermostat. “I love being able to control my environment while I'm away or on my way home," says Gorder.

4.Smart energy. “Investing in solar energy is now affordable and easy," says Gorder. She recommends Sunrun to help you save on bills and on the environment.

5.Smart tablet. “This is a portable entertainer for the whole family. I don't travel without mine and neither does my daughter," says Gorder.

Can you install these yourself?

“Everything beyond the solar panels, yes. Sunrun is great that they not only install your panels they manage and maintain them on your roof as long as you have them," says Gorder.

What would you recommend for a couple looking to update their home on a limited budget?

Gorder recommends, "Don't try to do it all at once. Start with your master bedroom, this is the room that takes care of you… it's like your oxygen mask."

What are the benefits of having a smart home? Will this cut down on time? Heighten security?

“It's all about living better, controlling your own environment so it doesn't control you. It is a time investment but like all things you learn, life gets more efficient and easier with the more you know," says Gorder.

Are there certain smart home renovations that appeal most to the husband? To the wife?

“This is a gross generalization as there are many exceptions but…in general, my husband is more about comfort and budget while me and my girls are more focused on style. This makes a beautiful marriage, because they both need each other," says Gorder. “I have to convince a man that beautiful accessories help make the room more complete where as I have to convince the ladies that they don't need so many pillows or tchotchkes. Less is more..."

What's the top tip that you would recommend for a couple about to have a baby?

“Oh boy! This is a great time to have a baby as all of your monitors and security features can be controlled by apps on your smartphone. It's really efficient and so much easier for the parents…I mean this wasn't even an option 5 years ago," says Gorder.

What about a family with pets?

“Automatic smart pet feeders are an incredible advancement for people with animals at home. Leave for a night? Not a big deal. Smart is all about making life easier," says Gorder.