Get Ready for Stubble Burn: It’s No-Shave November!

I love a guy with facial hair, so I asked my husband Chris to grow a beard when we began dating 10+ years ago, and he still has it. Sure, he's decided to shave it off a time or two–but he quickly grew it back each time after seeing my dismay. Those months of stubble-burn were rough, but my short-lived suffering was worth it: The results were a total turn-on.

Whether you're a fan of facial hair or not, your hubby or boyfriend might soon have it. It's the start of No-Shave November, an annual tradition where men all over the globe abandon their razors and grow their mustaches out to raise awareness for prostate cancer. The movement, which began in 2003, was inspired by the pink ribbons people wear to promote breast cancer awareness. Since then, millions of dollars have been raised to support the cause, according to The Washington Post.

Is your hubby or boyfriend taking part in No-Shave November?

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