How to Get Through Your First Year of Marriage

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Who says the first 12 months are the toughest? Not these Nesties!
  1. Tim & Chio

    Both 26, Chicago, IL

    "Two don'ts: Don't forget who you are as individuals. And don't worry about the little things!"

  2. Daniel & Abigail

    23 & 21, Cypress, TX

    "Never go to bed angry. Waking up mad and holding a grudge only make it worse!" (Sounds trite, but it's true.)

  3. John & Alyse

    30 & 31, Appleton, WI

    "Never stop dating each other. We have date night every Wednesday, and we love it!"

  4. Lane & LeighAnne

    29 & 27, Dallas, TX

    "When we're on the verge of being frustrated by something trivial, we just laugh about it."

  5. Junie & TJ

    26 & 28, Riverview, FL

    "The honeymoon doesn't just have to last a week."

  6. Edward & Kiki

    25 & 24, Dallas, TX

    "LISTEN!!! Oh, and shower together once a week."

  7. Kristy & Anthony

    28 & 32, Orlando, FL

    "Take time to look at your wedding photos to remember why you got married!"

  8. Melissa & Kyle

    23 & 24, Oconomowoc, WI

    "Call just to say, ‘I love you.' And plan nights together—you have to make time."