Give Your Bedroom a Budget Makeover

It doesn't take six-figure financing to turn your bedroom into a dream design. Discover how to transform your bedroom on a dime.

Make Your Own Curtains
If you're a renter, the cost of having custom blinds made can be sky-high. Making your own curtains is a good way to hide cheaper blinds behind 'em and add beauty to your bedroom. Just hem the bottom and the top, get a rod, and you're done.

Add a Wall Decal or Paint Stripes
Buy some painting tape and paint a bold stripe or two. Or attach a removable wall decal to one wall or corner. DVider sells single wall decals in a rainbow of colors for about $25 to $45 each and Blik offers packages of polka dots, chandelier silhouettes, natural plant graphics, and more from around $50 to $65.

Revamp Your Lamps
If you like the lamp base but want to pump up the color, wrap and hot glue a brightly colored vintage scarf around the shades you have -- it looks best if the light shines through both the scarf and shade. If you don't like the base, paint it a beautiful deep blue or coral red with two coats of high-gloss spray paint.

Toss in a Throw Pillow
If you can't find one you love in your budget, make your own! Check out designer Amy Butler's sewing pattern pages for instructions.

Buy High-Quality Sheets for Less
Most people think of overstock sales stores for brand-name clothing for less, but they're also gold mines for bedding. Try stores like Loehmann's and Marshalls to pick up Nautica or Ralph Lauren high-thread count sheet sets for as little as $22.

Make Your Own Headboard
Headboards, especially custom, tufted ones, add instant glam to a bedroom. If you can't afford to have one made for you, make your own. If you're not up for the DIY commitment, try this easy fix: Hang a painting at the head of your bed. Or hang curtains behind your bed -- whether there's a window or not -- in a striking fabric.

Buy a Trunk or Bench
Save money by using flea market or thrift store finds. Pick up an old bench to put at the end of the bed and reupholster the top of it in a foam pillow or tufted design. Or put an old trunk at the base of your bed or as a nightstand. Presto: extra storage.

Nestperts Vanessa de Vargas, interior designer; Grace Bonney, founder ofDesign Sponge

Photo credit: Mark Lund